6 Ways to Use Herbal Mists

One great beauty/skincare accessory that doesn't get enough credit is the herbal mist spray. Like hand lotion and lipstick, an all-natural herbal mist should be one of your go-to products that you carry with you everywhere. In this article we'll explain the benefits of herbal mists for the skin and face.

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Chronic Dehydration? Is That a Thing?

Since the mid-20th century, the "eight glasses of water per day" edict has been considered common knowledge, but is that really enough? The truth is, there is no magic water requirement that applies to everyone. Each human body is different, along with every lifestyle, so it is difficult to say how much water you should be drinking. With that being said, chronic dehydration is a thing, and it's common!

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9 Natural Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with the Kids

It's hot out there! Everyone wants to play outside during these long summer days, but be sure to encourage healthy habits to keep your family safe and healthy during the hottest days of summer.

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Trouble Sleeping? Step Away from the Pharmaceuticals

Healthy sleep patterns play a role every bit as important as nutrition in your overall health. Mental health, immunity from disease, productivity, and fitness are all dependent on sufficient sleep. That's why it's so alarming that over 50 million people in the United States suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately, some of the most common pharmaceuticals used to treat those disorders are dangerous and addictive.

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How to Start Your Own Medicinal Garden

Do you have dirt and sun in your backyard? That's all you need to start a medicinal garden that can supply herbal remedies for years to come. Read on for instructions on how to plant powerful medicinal plants that can serve as natural treatments for anything from a common cold to insomnia!

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11 Surprising Uses for Vinegar

There are a few secret weapons in the household arsenal that seem to be the solution to every problem. Vinegar is one of those weapons. You've probably heard of its powerful cleaning ability when it comes to fabric stains, but this pantry staple has hundreds of potential uses throughout the house and garden. Below see some surprising examples.

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7 Signs You May Have Parasites and What to Do About It

According to the CDC, millions of people are diagnosed with intestinal parasites in the United States each year, and those are only the cases we know about. Many parasites do not cause noticeable symptoms in their human hosts; consequently people can go for years with untreated parasitic infections. Untreated parasite infection can have disastrous infections, so it's vital to know what to look for.

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Can’t Wait for Planting Season? Plant Indoor Herbs Now!

If you haven't boarded the container garden train, it's never too late to start. Winter is the perfect time to try your hand at an indoor herb garden. Herbs fulfill so many needs; they are delicious, nutritious, medicinal, and many of them act as natural air fresheners. By choosing certain versatile varieties, there's no reason not to enjoy fresh herbs all year round. Here are a few ideas to start.

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