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Double Helix Water® is a scientific discovery light years ahead of its time. It is a unique, ultra pure water form containing concentrated stable water clusters formed at a microscopic level. It’s effect on the human body is sometimes nothing short of miraculous.

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Bottle of Double Helix WaterDouble Helix Water® is a scientific discovery light years ahead of it’s time.

Recover faster, feel more energetic, manage pain, feel younger, think clearer, experience a new level of life, and live to your full potential!

Double Helix Water® is a unique, ultra pure water form containing concentrated stable water clusters formed at a microscopic level.

Invitro studies show taking just a few drops a day can boost immune function, improve cellular interaction, improve metabolic function, reduce recovery time, increase energy and give one an improved overall feeling of wellness and good health.

The important thing to know is that it really works. Research indicates that it operates on a cellular level, providing the body’s cells with a cellular “tune up”,  allowing for improved cleaning of waste matter and permitting cellular functions to run more cleanly and efficient. It is believed that this is what helps restore cellular metabolic pathways to their optimum, natural levels.

“The demonstration of microscopic clusters in water is groundbreaking and revolutionary! Their purification of water, with the atmospheric purity described, places homeopathy on a scientifically valid foundation that is equal at least to the discovery of atomic energy.” – C. Norman Shealy, MD. PhD.”

If you want wellness, fitness and health and a naturally balanced body Double Helix Water® can help you achieve these goals. It’s a scientific breakthrough that will have you feeling great, naturally.

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Additional information

Weight4.1 oz

A Double Helix Water® ultra-pure stable water cluster is H2O, a newly discovered phase of water. It is recommended for convenience and accuracy to be premixed by adding approximately 50 drops to 1 gallon or 3 to 4 drops to each 6 oz. to 8 oz. glass of distilled water. Drink two glasses daily. After putting the drops into distilled water shake the container for at least 30 seconds. Stir the glass vigorously for 30 seconds. On a brand new bottle you may have to shake the bottle to get the first few drops to come out. If you still have difficulty getting any drops to come out, put the cap back on and shake the bottle vigorously and tap the bottle cap lightly on a counter top, then try again. This problem will cease once a few drops have been removed from the bottle. Do not touch the bottle opening. Keep the opening free from contamination. Keep bottle out of direct light.

Net Weight

15 milliliters

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41 reviews for Double Helix Water ® Monthly Subscription

  1. Amazon Customer

    This product works right away.

  2. TF

    I’ve been using this product for the last several years. When I first started using the Double Helix water I began feeling better overall. I had more energy and noticed that the arthritis in my hands and feet felt better and stopped getting worse. Now I am going to use the Double Helix cream!

  3. Tini

    I started taking Double Helix Water because someone recommended it. I wasn’t one of those people who had an overnight effect. However, I can say that after taking it regularly for years, I noticed that I no longer got a sore throat every several months – that had been going on for what seems like ever. I have tons of energy, whereas before by mid afternoon I would be worn out. I dropped out taking it for a few months awhile back, and the tiredness and the illnesses started to creep back in. And I started to feel some arthritis type symptoms in my fingers and toes!!! Well I put myself right back on the Double Helix Water and all that went away in a matter of days. So now I won’t go without. Being well and pain free is worth a dollar or so a day!!

  4. Jennifer.

    I have Lyme and severe muscle fatigue and weakness. This product has really improved my ability to use and move my muscles. I was a little hesitant at first but thought I’d go ahead and give it a try and I’m so happy I did. I use 3 drops 3 times per day and noticed immediate improvement of my brain fog and concentration THE DAY I began using.

  5. Jorge Negron

    Best price. I’m a regular user of this product that repairs DNA.

  6. Alie Fisher

    This is the best product! We mix it with one gallon of distilled water and drink 2oz per day. It helps with swelling, heat, etc.

  7. Ellen Collins

    It helps my body actually hydrate instead of plain water which just passes through and leaves me w/unquenched thirst:)

  8. Mishlyn Stephen

    LOVE IT.

  9. Marie Hill

    A holistic vet recommended this product to us after our silky terrier was diagnosed with stage 5 T-cell lymphoma. We had decided against chemo since it did not change the prognosis. We noticed a difference in her energy level the very first day she starterd on the water! Within a couple of weeks she was walking again on a leg that the doctors told us was permanently nerve damaged.
    She ultimately lost her battle with cancer, but the water did give her a better quality of life and it gave us another three months with our baby. This to us made it worth every penny! RIP Lacy

  10. Gary Rokuta

    Must be at least a 3 star rating as every review, rated 5 stars. So, after I buy it on Monday through Dana Ullman, and my 2 and a half yr old golden retriever with chronic inflammation of her lungs from silica sand, and I truly hope it hasn’t turned cancerous, but I certainly hope that it can significantly reduce chronic inflammations to her lungs, as we’ll monitor, then I will update to a 5 rating and anyone that had any similar diagnoses, please let me know so we can be truly optimistic and reduce my anxiety, being truly worried about her every day, or for that matter, every time I not sleeping. – Gary & Brandy 2, akc name, of Kaneohe, Hi.

  11. Lavotia Dermendjian

    Excellent package deal.

  12. Lavotia Dermendjian

    Excellent package deal.

  13. Curtis Takemoto

    Great product!

  14. Rosa

    Was not sure what to expect or how soon but this works. I read the online reviews was not sure about buying it, am very glad I did. You can see the benefits from this the first week, less inflammation and less water weight. More comfortable feeling in swollen hands & feet with continued use. I will buy this again.

  15. JA

    21 year old female patient with stage 4 cervical cancer. This was her third exposure to cancer. She already survived leukemia and lymphoma. Told her parents she wouldn’t go through Chemo and radiation again. She wanted to find another way. They said they would give her three months and if no change she would need to “do it their way.” Both her parents are MDs. She came to me and I put her on various vitamins, changed her diet, adjusted her, and put her on double helix water. Also suggested she see a naturopath. In three months she underwent 6 hours of various tests up at OHSU. Results came back and the doctor said “I can’t even call this stage 1 right now. There must be a mistake somewhere.” They went back and tested her some more and went back to check her original tests 3 months prior and no mistakes were made! She has since continued testing every now and then ( remember her parents are MDs ) and still cancer free!

  16. JA

    I have personally felt more energy and greater flexibility once I started drinking double helix water.

  17. Michele

    i have some health issues pretty average stuff high cholesterol borderline diabetes,high blood pressure and ofcourse a touch of arthritis and the stuff that was given to me by my doctor was alittle too loaded with side effects that were to say the least scary, i started changing my diet and cutting out sugar and started drinking this water along with vitamins and im in much better shape energetically,and physically i cant tell you how it works all i know is it does how i know is when afyer a week or so of not drinking it i feel tired and start craving sugar and bread ,i know its pricey but you mix it with water and one bottle lasts me about 45 days it tastes so clean thats the best way i can describe it and ive given it to friends and they use it regularly now also i would recommend this to anyone over 45 and who eats a lot of processed overcooked food.

  18. PoppaBear

    I was referred to this product by a friend – although was a bit skeptical, as it sounded unusual and was pretty pricey. After using it for 3-4 days of using it – 3 drops in a glass of water 3x a day – I really did start feeling better overall; I had more energy and a better general state of well-being. It’s been about 2 weeks now and I’m still feeling really good. After I’d been on it about a week, I read somewhere that it is supposed to help re-establish the flow of your energy meridians, and that could be one way to describe the feeling, I guess.

    There is no taste to it, so it really is just like drinking a glass of water. In a couple of weeks I’ll probably stop taking it for awhile to see if there are any ensuing effects. It has really turned into a surprisingly interesting experiment!

  19. John

    I felt better than i have in years but its just to high a price for me to keep using it thanks.

  20. Adeline Bencriscutto

    It had been feeling so weak and tired all the time, I made appointment to see my doctor. Then , My son asked me to try what he had been using that helped him. I was so desperate, and when I saw i only required drinking water, I agreed. Never expecting anothing. But within a few days, I started felling better,and better. I can do things I had not done in months. I feel like my old self again. Thanks to miracle water, Helix.

  21. Cuqui

    Oh my gosh my doggy’s Holistic Vet highly recommended this water for my doggy who has bad arthritis at the age of 12 yrs who barely could stand up and walk and in two days after giving her the water we noticed the difference. I personally wanted to give her more time on the water to see the difference but my eyes were not playing tricks. She has no problem getting up and walkes well, has energy and now is playing with her toys, goes in & out of her swimming pool without us having to carry her. So as far as I’m concerned it should be call The Miracle Double Helix Water. Well, at least my doggy responded well and I’m happy and grateful that Dr. Deva Khalsa and Dr. Sharon Marx are the Best Holistic Veterinarians in the World. Thank you Doctors and thank you Double Helix Water.

  22. Virgil L. High

    I noticed the difference after the first three days. The pain in my left buttock had definitely subsided. Now the pain is completely gone and there is two thirds of the bottle left. Will buy again.

  23. Alfredo S.

    I started taking the drops and exercise regularly and noticed my energy levels and endurance increase. I ran out of the drops and noticed energy levels returning to what they had been before starting the drops. I have also given the drops to my mother who also noticed higher energy levels and almost immediate relief of sinus congestion brought on from allergies.

  24. The Author

    Just 3 drops of helix water in a small glass each day and my finger joints are less swollen and more flexible. Oh yea. Did I mention that the pain goes away too?

  25. S .Ng

    Just 3 drops of helix water in a small glass each day and my finger joints are less swollen and more flexible. Oh yea. Did I mention that the pain goes away too?

  26. Susan

    This product was recommended for my autistic son, he has been using it for a while, with good results and now the whole family uses it. I really works, I saw it with my own eyes. I was at the doctor and they have a heat camera (thermography) so we did a little experiment. They took a picture of my sons whole body and you could see red hot areas around the neck and parts of the head and gut. That is where he has immune system issues. Then he drank the water and 15 min later we took another picture and those areas had gone from red to white hot. Then half an hour later they were blue they had cooled down. Helps his immune system stay in check.

  27. Stephen Farrar

    I happened to become exposed to this product by attending a conference in which the key scientist and CEO presented this product to investors. I was convinced to try it by seeing the images (before and after use) of patients showing the amount of inflammation in their body. The scans definitely show reduced inflammation, and if you believe in the connection of inflammation and symptoms such as pain, not to mention the pro generation of cancer cells, you should consider trying this product. I’ve seen, as have other family members, a significant reduction in muscular and joint pain. As a cancer survivor, I hope that I may also be protecting my body from cancer in the process. The Dr and CEO seemed very credible in their presentation and follow up questions.

  28. Shelly M. Barnett

    Great stuff to use to keep body alkalined. We are using this to hopefully beat colon cancer stage IV. thanks.

  29. Kate Fox

    The moment I understood what “double helix water” is, I wanted to use this!! I had totally burned out Adrenals, no energy, back pain and arthritis that would keep me awake in the night, not know what side to turn on because of the pain!
    I started to drink purified water with 10 drops of Double Helix Water in half a liter of water. In the first 2-3 months I took 1 litre of purified water with the double helix water drops inside, a day. On a more and more basis I got my energy back, the pain of the Arthritis went away and my hair started to grow again! I am not speaking even about the tone and appearance of my skin!!
    I am not young anymore “body wise”, but many lines in my face disappeared!
    The point is that the Double Helix water is working on a so basic level, the cell, it can’t go more basic. These stable water clusters repair, and rejuvenate! Now, after 4-5 months, my arthritis is gone, I can sleep again a whole night! I have energy and more than I had in a very, very long time!!
    I absolutely recommend this to anyone, who want to feel energetic and “young” again!! Kate Fox

  30. Penny

    I tried this and it works like a dream. My skin got really smooth, it seemed to soften wrinkles and worked wonders after a sunburn I had the other day. I can really recommend this product. There are many real expensive skin products out there, but this one actually works!

  31. David Oquendo

    I am a personal trainer that has 3.5 years of experience under my belt. When I was introduced to double helix water I had no idea what would happen, in fact I was skeptical that a form of water would even do anything. The first week I didn’t see a change but as with most supplements it takes time to see results. After the second week I really didn’t notice much either but the third week really changed my mind.
    I have had pain in my elbow from a previous injury due to performing skull crushers ( an exercise for triceps). I had to completely cut them out of my arm routine. I decided to put the theory of this double helix to the test and put it back in my routine. To my surprise there was almost no pain in my elbow. I am one to push myself to my absolute limits, and then some, so keeping the pain to a minimum is a must. Now instead of an excruciating pain, I can go through a whole are work out no problem.

  32. Megan

    I started taking Double Helix Water in April after I heard that a friend of mine had made a major recovery from life-threatening illness, shortly after taking it.
    At first I didn’t notice much, being a relatively healthy person. Around the same time, I joined a local gym which offers free group classes.
    I began taking the exercise classes – these are not easy “let’s do some stretches and a few squats” types of classes. They are quite strenuous with heavy aerobic exercise as well as serious strength training. Most people take 3-4 classes per week on a good week. But as I felt I was very out of shape from sitting at a desk for years, I wanted to do as much as I could.
    I began taking 8, 10, and then up to 17 classes per week when my schedule allowed it. My husband and people around me, including the gym staff, were in shock. Particularly considering the fact that up until that point, I was not very active physically, and was never much of an athletic person – actually I have never been an athletic person at all. Yet I was able to take 8-17 heavy exercise classes per week. Muscle soreness and fatigue did occur as it always does with exercise, but it was over very quickly and I was ready to take the next class.
    I was told by many fitness instructors and some of my more active family members that it is simply not normal for a person to be able to engage in that much exercise that frequently, without completely wearing out – particularly someone who is starting out out-of-shape and who is not very athletic. Some trainers told me they had never seen anything like this, ever. After a few weeks we realized that it must be the Double Helix Water as there was no other possible explanation.
    This went on for a month or two, and then one day I noticed I was starting to get more tired and was feeling that I could not take as many classes. I was still doing a lot, but not as much, and I started to get worn out more easily. I was still taking the Double Helix Water (I thought) so I thought maybe things were just “catching up with me.” Then a couple of days later I overheard a family member talking about the jug of distilled water which we had been mixing the Double Helix Water into and drinking. It turned out that someone had misread the instructions accidentally mixed the Double Helix Water incorrectly, so that what I was drinking was less than half the strength of the usual dose. Once we corrected that and I started taking the proper mixture, I was up and running again.
    It’s now been a few months since I started taking the water. I have received comments that my skin tone is improving. I have also taken 177 exercise classes since April, and counting  Needless to say I’ve lost weight, and in fact my clothing size has decreased and I’ve started having to replace out some of my wardrobe … there’s pros and cons to everything I guess!
    I have friends and family who have started taking the water and at least two of them have reported hair regrowth in balding areas, others have reported similar experiences to mine of speeded recovery time after heavy exercise, and others have dramatically sped their recoveries from injuries or major illnesses.
    I couldn’t be happier with Double Helix Water and definitely plan to continue taking it for a long time to come. I know there is a lot of scientific research and information on the subject; to be honest I haven’t had a chance to read it all yet, but the results speak for themselves and that’s enough for me.

  33. William

    Been taking Double helix water for a few months now. I have noticed a marked increase in general well-being, I sleep a lot better, have more energy and feel better most of the time. I noticed that some of my joints, are less painful (had an old break that was stiff and sore most of the time). I’m factually pretty surprised that it worked, as I originally had this stuff lumped in with “just another water product”. But in this case I don’t mind being proved wrong, I’m very happy to have found a natural product that works as well as this one.

  34. Irene

    I am a very fair-skinned person.

    I have been taking Double Helix Water for about a month and I went on a trip out in the sun. I had forgotten to put on sun lotion and got really badly burned.

    As a result of this burn, I thought, I was going to have a bad week, lots of aloe vera and plenty of discomfort.

    But it turned out that the next day, the sunburn was almost gone!

    I could not believe it as this has never happened to me before.

    I attribute this to the Double Helix Water. It’s making my healing faster.

    Thank you for making this product available!

  35. Alan F. Adriance

    I’ve had 2 nearly identical experiences with this Double Helix Water in the past 13 months. Both incidents were groin pulls. I’d never had this type injury before but heard it could be very slow healing. The second day after I started manifesting the groin pull I could barely crawl to the bathroom. I felt like I’d just had a hernia operation. It was bad. I took the Double Helix Water twice the first day I felt the groin pull coming on and twice every day thereafter. The third day I could walk and go outside again. The fourth day I could walk normally with no pain. I thought that was just crazy. I was expecting to be laid up completely for at least a week and to be slow going for at least another week. But in 72 hours it was all over. The second groin pull a few months later wasn’t as bad. But the time to complete cessation of any pain in the area was less than 72 hours on this second incident. I just took the water twice a day, same as with the first groin pull. I’m taking it every day now.

  36. William

    I have been using Double Helix Water for over 3 weeks now, exactly as stated, taking 2 glasses daily. At the first few days I did not notice any real change, however a few days into the 2nd week of taking Double Helix Water I started to feel the difference. Now I am not taking it for my general health, I am recovering from breaking both my feet after a serious freestyle rock-climbing accident.

    I have been out of a wheelchair for 6 months before I started taking Double Helix Water. After 6 months of recovery I was still having a hard time walking, a half an hour walk would have me off my feet for about 2 days, and I would be limping.

    As stated a few days into the 2nd week, I noticed that it was a lot easier to walk, I would still have sore feet after a half hour walk, but considerably less, and the next day the pain would be gone. I am now into week 4 of taking Double Helix Water and things have improved beyond what I thought was possible.

    I have had more recovery in the last 4 weeks than the entire 6 months prior, I went for a 3 mile hike last weekend, and yes my feet were still slightly sore, bot nothing compared to before. On top of all this I just played a game of racquetball 2 days ago, something my doctor had told me would never be possible again with the injury I had (10 years ago they didn’t even have the technology to repair my feet, they were so badly broken. I’ve started light training for running and am looking at the possibility of cross country running once more, something my doctor told me I would never do again.

    Now don’t get me wrong I really respect my doctor, he did an amazing job puzzling my feet back together and without him I wouldn’t be walking at all. But frankly until I started taking double helix water, I had given up hope of ever resuming my prior active lifestyle.

  37. Daniel Dysholm

    I have not had any major problems with my body except for being very tired in the mornings.

    A few weeks back I started to take double helix water and after the first week I could feel how I had a lot more energy and I could get up in the morning with no difficulties what so ever.

    So I can only imagine what a person with troubles goes through when they use Double Helix Water.

  38. Al Adriance

    I have had not just one, but two instances in the past year of a groin pull — very painful. I’d always heard that this type injury is very slow to heal up. BOTH times this happened, I was back to complete normal, no pain of any kind, in 72 hours. Both instances were identical. I started tightening up and experiencing excruciating pain 12 or so hours after the injury. I doubled up on my Double Helix Water intake (one extra 6 ounce glass for the day). In both cases I could walk again after two night’s sleep. I could walk normally with no pain after the third night’s sleep. The first groin pull of these two instances, I had to crawl from the bed to the bathroom the first day. Most painful injury I’ve ever had.

  39. N. H.

    As an avid sportsman, it’s important to me to recover quickly after a hard workout. As there are so many supplements on the market, I try something new frequently, in order to increase my arsenal of “good” supplements. Until now, the supplements for repair have consisted of regular proteins and their various combinations.

    I have experienced very positive results with Double Helix Water, as both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement. As a post-workout supplement, I noticed that I don’t have to eat as much after a heavy training session in order to feel satisfied – while normally I would need several servings in order to achieve this. This is probably because the nutrients in the food are absorbed far more efficiently with the help of Double Helix Water. Another improvement when taking Double Helix Water is that I recover enough on the following day to do another workout.

  40. William Cassady

    I gave a bottle to a friend who’s dog had licked some hormone cream residue out of her bathtub (yuck!) and was losing its hair as a result, and was just acting sick in general. Her vet said the hormone cream was the culprit but didn’t have a solution for the dog. After having the dog drink the Double Helix Water for 3 weeks, its hair started growning back in, but even more noticeable was the dog’s energy. Every time I see this friend she just raves about how this older dog is so frisky and runs around like a little puppy. She says the dog hasn’t been this “puppylike” for years.
    Another friend started experimenting with the water for recovery purposes after his triathlon workouts. He says the energy recovery time is very noticeably improved. He says it definitely DOES work in speeding up recovery from intense physical exertion whether he’s biking or swimming or running or a combination of the three on any given day.

  41. Robin Asher

    I’ve been using Double Helix Water regularly only for two and a half months, and I wasn’t expecting a lot to happen for the first three months or so. However, from the beginning, I noticed increased energy. Next, I noticed that when I would get a slight headache (usually a precursor to feeling generally ill for a few days), the headache would just fade away in a couple of hours. This happened twice. Just this past week, I’ve been sleeping really well, without my usual wake-ups in the wee hours. At the age of 63, insomnia of various kinds has been one of my worst problems. Very exciting.

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