Transform Your Space for a Fresh, Clean Approach to the New Year

You don't have to completely redecorate or renovate your home to make it feel fresh, new, and clean. There are tiny changes you can make that will transform your space and increase your health and well-being at the same time.

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Nontoxic Holidays: 7 Ways to Be Conscientious as You Deck the Halls

The holidays will soon come sweeping into every home with good food, family visits, and festivities of all kinds. As you set out to deck the halls, however, remember to be conscious of the materials and foods you bring into the home. Many of the usual holiday decorations, feasts, and sweet-smelling candles can introduce toxins and other unhealthy elements into your home.

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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid, Part 1: Petroleum

Many of us who are trying to reduce our carbon footprint have found ways to reduce our use of gasoline, plastic bags, and other petroleum-based products. But did you know that most, if not all, of your standard skincare and cosmetic products contain petrochemicals? Moreover, petroleum is not only unhealthy for the environment; it poses a risk for your skin too.

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Reduce Waste with Generation Green Products from Canon

Canon wants to help consumers decrease their environmental burdens through its Generation Green program. The company believes we should all reduce, reuse and refurbish. This project includes Canon scanners, Pixma inkjet printers, the ImageClass line of products, ImageFormula scanners, Image Runners, and a lot more.

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Organic Produce and Your Budget

Not too many people would actually turn down organic fruits and vegetables, saying they would rather have the kind produced at factory farms and hosed down with pesticides. No, that’s not the issue. Price is. The most important fruits and vegetables to buy or grow organic are the most toxic ones, the Dirty Dozen.

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Recycled pencils: Making news out of news

Every year, parents are obligated to buy their kids (whether they like it or not) school supplies, and you can bet that pencils are on the list. Moms and dads might be surprised to find out that those little orange sticks are made out of the 4 billion trees cut down worldwide for paper industries, and assembled with toxic chemicals in factories that pollute the air (most erasers are made from latex).

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