One great beauty/skincare accessory that doesn’t get enough credit is the herbal mist spray. Like hand lotion and lipstick, an all-natural herbal mist should be one of those go-to products that you carry with you everywhere. In this article we’ll explain the benefits of herbal mists for the skin and face.

chamomile herbal mistWhat are Herbal Mists?

Herbal mists are liquid sprays that can be applied to the skin or face in an instant for immediate benefits. Ideally, the mist you choose will contain all-natural herbal extracts and essential oils that can improve the health of your skin. Different kinds of herbal combinations will work for different applications, as detailed below.

1. All-Natural Scent

Most department store perfumes are the opposite of natural. Artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals are used in almost all mainstream perfumes, and they are rarely formulated with skin health in mind. All-natural herbal mists, on the other hand, take their scents from real flowers and herbs. Not only are the scents natural, subtle, and taken from nature, but they can also improve the health of your face and skin. Spritz on your favorite herbal scent several times a day to smell fresh, sweet, and clean.

2. Cool Off

Although the hottest days of the year are past us, there may still be some scorchers in store. And it won’t be long before every office and home has all heaters turned up to max, drying out the air and your skin in the effort to stay warm. Stay cool and refreshed by periodically spritzing on an herbal mist. It’s mild enough to spray directly onto your face and the light liquid won’t ruin makeup. A refreshing spritz of mist can also liven up your senses and keep you awake during slow afternoons at work.

3. Cleanse and Detoxify

Some herbal mists, like this Orange Blossom Mist, contain ingredients that naturally cleanse and tone the skin. Not only does a citrus toner bring out your skin’s innate glow, it can also soothe some skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

4. Seal in Moisture

While most facial mists are packed with moisturizing ingredients, they can also be used to seal in moisture after you apply a daily moisturizer or humectant skin mask. Just spray it on directly after applying a moisturizing cream or treatment to seal in the nourishing ingredients and improve absorption. In addition, some sprays by Ultra Pure Botanicals are infused with stable water clusters, an advanced formulation of water that penetrates deeply to deliver moisture and healing to skin cells.

5. Prep and Balance

A rose water mist is the perfect way to prep your face for a long day because of its soothing, balancing effects. Rose water can reduce redness and puffiness in the skin while restoring a healthy pH balance at the same time. The lingering scent of roses you will enjoy afterward is just icing on the cake.

6. Anti-aging

Some herbal mists are infused with antioxidants for anti-aging effects. A chamomile mist, for example, can calm and purify the skin while delivering antioxidants where you need them most. This combination helps your body to defend against free radicals and oxidative stress, while Double Helix Water promotes cellular healing.

There’s six reasons to keep your favorite herbal mist in your handbag! In the office, at home, and as part of your morning or bedtime routine, natural herbal sprays are as useful to your beauty regimen as moisturizer. Keep them on hand and watch your skin enjoy the benefits. Learn more about herbal skin remedies on the Living Clean blog:

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