Double Helix Water Bottle

Double Helix Water Knowledge Base

Double Helix Water is a product resulting from a fundamental discovery in particle physics – the existence of a new phase of water, stable water clusters. Reports have been published in an authoritative physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. In a double-blind study, it has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response.

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Rich's MSM Tablets

MSM Knowledge Base

MSM is a supplemental form of sulfur, which is a naturally-occurring element that is the third most abundant mineral in our bodies, after calcium and phosphorous. Unfortunately, processing, cooking, and chemicals eliminate from your food much of one of the most important sulfur compounds, methylsulfonylmethane(MSM), and this leaves your body chemistry incomplete.

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Ingredients for cosmetics

Ingredients Knowledge Base

Skin care ingredients may have an effect on health. Some may even penetrate skin and end up circulating in our blood. There are some particularly questionable ones you can look for on labels.

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Dr Hulda Clark PhD 1928-2009

Dr. Clark Knowledge Base

Dr. Clark’s methods, as explained in Cure for All Cancers and her subsequent publications, require a proactive, can-do attitude on the part of the individual. These techniques are not practical for those who prefer to have someone else in charge of their body and their recovery. For those qualified and motivated, however, these books can spell the end of a nightmare and the beginning of hope.

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