Cure for All Cancers book by Dr. Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark – Cure for All Cancers

In 1993, Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD., wrote a book with the potential to change many lives, challenging the conventional approach to cancer.

Her education and training had included an interesting combination of biophysics, cell physiology, naturopatQhy, and radio. Added to this was her ten-years-long experience as a research scientist and subsequent work as a nutritional consultant. The result was her first book: Cure for All Cancers.

How did this come about? Out of her background as a scientist and radio technician, she discovered an electronic technique for scanning the human body using the principles of frequency and resonance to find toxins, parasites, and disease organisms.

Dr Hulda Clark with Syncrometer

Parasites and Disease

The illness that Hulda Regehr Clark first researched was cancer, and her first breakthrough was the discovery that the unchecked growth of cancer cells was somehow increased by a lowly parasite – specifically the human intestinal fluke (Fasciolopis buskii). Continuing her research, she discovered more about the role of various parasites.

Lugol's Iodine from Dr Clark

Lugol’s Iodine: Tried and Trusted

In years past, you could ask any pharmacist or chemist to mix up some Lugol’s Iodine for your home medicine chest.

He would know exactly what you meant, as it was a common household remedy, but today the main source is the internet or mail order.

Most people are familiar with iodine, but as to Lugol’s Iodine, I can hear you saying, “Who is Lugol anyway, and why is it his iodine?”