Purity is a vital and essential part of the Dr. Clark Research Association’s manufacturing processes. Still, it is complex, because there are no absolutes. Product purity is something that has many aspects, and this company goes to great lengths to make sure their products are among the purest on the market. The following is a description of purity protocols by the owner of the Dr Clark Research Association.


It starts with the purchasing. We establish long term relationships with trusted partners who provide quality products. We know, because we have tested. We also try to purchase organic materials whenever possible.

Testing Incoming Material

The next step is testing incoming material for impurities.

Eliminating Additives

We eliminate as many additives as possible. Any ingredient we don’t use can’t be contaminated. Dr. Clark pointed out that it is not impossible to make a pure product with 50 ingredients, but every ingredient could have impurities. The more ingredients, the greater the chance of impurities. For that reason, most of our products consist of a gelatin capsule and one ingredient.

We are especially careful with the ingredients that we use in many products, such as gelatin capsules, corn starch, or rice flour. If these were contaminated, then many products would end up being contaminated.

Cleaning the Machinery

We handle the machinery as suggested by Dr. Clark. It is required by the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) of the FDA  that we use bleach for cleaning and disinfection, but following that we use food-grade grain alcohol to clean off the bleach, so that none remains.

Testing the Final Products

Syncrometer for Product Testing

Syncrometer for Product Testing

Laboratory Testing BottlesFirst, we test all the extra items that touch the products, such as the cotton and the bottles.
Then, when each product has been completed, we run our final tests for purity, both lab testing and Syncrometer testing.

Investigating Feedback

If there are any reports of possible contamination, we get right on top of it.

Usually there is nothing, but if there is, we take care of it immediately.

We Shrink at Nothing

I want to add that we do more testing than ever. Not only did we start at a high level, but we have continually increased the amount of testing we do.

As an example of the lengths we go to for product purity, there is the story of the hose of the ozonator. An MD we work with tested the hose and told us it contained vanadium. So we went out and started buying different tubing material. We tested one after the other and they were all contaminated. So we tested more tubing material. We literally ordered every material we were able to find on the market. Finally, there was one kind of tube we found to be all right. We bought that and had the unit tested again, and it still contained vanadium! At that point, we opened the unit and found a small connection piece of the old hose material inside the unit.

Now, whenever we have ozonators manufactured, we buy this particular tubing, which is one of the most expensive on the market – a medical grade IV tube. We ship it to the manufacturer to use in the ozonators. The whole project took about 6 months and we spent over $1,000 just on test tubing material. Long story short – we shrink from nothing to make sure our products are pure.

Is 100% Purity Possible?

Is it 100% sure that there is nothing in any product? No, of course not, since it is impossible to test everything for everything. But we do whatever is possible.

Also it must be said that certain toxins are pervasive and you’ll never reach a level of zero. (Lead and arsenic are examples; every plant has a little of those.) Where those toxins are concerned, we make sure that the levels in our products are as low as possible.

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