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Spring Cleaning: All-Natural Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home a Happy and Healthy Place

A clean home is a happy home. It’s not just an old wives’ tale your grandmother taught you; this is an idea proven by science! Various studies show that people who live in a clean home are more likely to be happy, productive, calm, in good shape, and well-rested. Keep in mind, however, that the […]

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Has Your Child Carried Parasites into the Home?

It happens to the best of us. Parents work tirelessly to keep a clean and healthy home, only to discover that parasites have come home with their child; a particular type of vermin that is contagious.

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Skincare Ingredients to Avoid, Part 1: Petroleum

Many of us who are trying to reduce our carbon footprint have found ways to reduce our use of gasoline, plastic bags, and other petroleum-based products. But did you know that most, if not all, of your standard skincare and cosmetic products contain petrochemicals? Moreover, petroleum is not only unhealthy for the environment; it poses […]

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The Saga Continues

The health of marine life and residents in large areas of the Gulf of Mexico continues to decline from the on-going toxic contamination of BP’s oil blowout disaster. As reported earlier, the poisonous dispersant used causes genetic mutations. With millions of gallons now in Gulf waters, fishermen are commonly catching shrimp with no eyes and, […]

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How Composting Keeps Garbage Out of the Dumps

Composting has various advantages and one of which is keeping garbage out of the dumps. Composing decreases the amount of garbage bags that you send to the landfill.

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Which Types of Plastic Food Storage are Toxic?

Not all plastic containers can be used as food storage. There are various types of plastics and you need to know what plastic food storage is considered toxic.

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Uses and Benefits of Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea salt products have been used to beautify the skin for centuries. This is not just any old sea salt. As the name suggests, these salts come from the Dead Sea, which is found between Israel and Jordan. Mineral Composition It is used for therapeutic baths to help cure various conditions such as rheumatoid […]

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Non-Toxic House Cleaning Substitutes

There are several non-toxic house cleaning alternatives that you can use instead of the commercial, chemical-based products. These substitutes are environmentally safe and contribute to the growth of green businesses. You can use basic home products as substitutes for chemical household products. You can combine the products to make an effective substitute for most of […]

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