Chronic Dehydration? Is That a Thing?

Since the mid-20th century, the "eight glasses of water per day" edict has been considered common knowledge, but is that really enough? The truth is, there is no magic water requirement that applies to everyone. Each human body is different, along with every lifestyle, so it is difficult to say how much water you should be drinking. With that being said, chronic dehydration is a thing, and it's common!

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9 Natural Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with the Kids

It's hot out there! Everyone wants to play outside during these long summer days, but be sure to encourage healthy habits to keep your family safe and healthy during the hottest days of summer.

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Trouble Sleeping? Step Away from the Pharmaceuticals

Healthy sleep patterns play a role every bit as important as nutrition in your overall health. Mental health, immunity from disease, productivity, and fitness are all dependent on sufficient sleep. That's why it's so alarming that over 50 million people in the United States suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately, some of the most common pharmaceuticals used to treat those disorders are dangerous and addictive.

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Finally! All-Natural Personal Care for Fitness Enthusiasts

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts know that finding the right personal care can be a challenge. Where to find cleansers and body sprays that are strong enough to clean away the dirt, sweat, and odor without irritating overworked skin? Finally, we have the answer.

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Refreshing (and Healthy!) Summer Drinks for Your Next Barbecue

Summer barbecues call for sunny weather, freshly grilled tidbits, and icy cold beverages. If you're leading a healthy, clean lifestyle, beer and soda might not be your drinks of choice. Your barbecue refreshments don't have to be dull, however! Below you'll find our favorite recipes for refreshing summer drinks that aren't loaded with empty calories, refined sugar, or toxins.

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Trying to Lose Weight? Stop Eating These 5 Foods

Maintaining a healthy weight goes far beyond beauty. Yes, you may be trying to trim down for summer, but there are many more reasons to lose excess weight. If you find it exceedingly difficult to shed pounds despite adequate exercise, your diet is almost certainly to blame. Read on to find out why weight loss can be conducive to a healthy lifestyle, as well as which foods you may have to remove from your diet if you want to succeed.

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Pampering During Pregnancy: Why and How to Do It Right

Some women love being pregnant. They enjoy the happy glow that surrounds them as their belly swells with life, as well as the anticipation as preparations are made for baby. For many, however, the journey to motherhood can be long, exhausting, and downright painful. Here's a few reasons to pamper your body and mind during the long months of pregnancy.

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