11 Strength-Building Exercises Using Bodyweight Alone

"I would work out more, but I can never find the time." Does this phrase sound familiar? The bad news is, it's true. Modern society does not promote a healthy lifestyle or provide the average person with all the time they need to exercise, sleep well, socialize, and relax. The good news is, if you don't have time to hit the gym, you can fit a quick, full body workout into your morning routine without leaving your living room.

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N-Acetyl Cysteine: The Body-Builder’s Best Friend

While some so-called body-building supplements that are based on artificial chemicals or protein powders may prove less than effective (or even harmful!), there are natural options that are both safe and powerful. N-acetyl cysteine, for instance, is a naturally-occurring amino acid that can reduce fatigue and decrease muscle damage during intense workouts.

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Amino Acid Supplements for Healthy Living, Part Three

Although these compounds are called "non-essential" amino acids, it does not mean that they're not essential to your health and well-being. The term just refers to the fact that your body can produce these amino acids on its own. However, when faced with advanced age, high levels of stress, or inadequate nutrition, your body may not be able to produce sufficient levels of these compounds.

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An Introduction to Amino Acids and Why You Need Them

Amino acids are often called the building blocks of life. From the tips of your hair to your innermost organs, proteins keep the body in good working order. Deficiencies in amino acids can have disastrous effects on your overall health; this introduction to amino acids will help you to understand how they work and where to find them.

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