8 Ways to Use a Rotting Pumpkin

Whether you carve them into jack-o-lanterns or just set them on your stoop to embrace that autumn spirit, a pumpkin is a terrible thing to waste. That pretty decor element is also a powerhouse of nutrients that you should use up before it's too late.

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Five Ways to Decorate the Home with Nontoxic & Sustainable Alternatives

The leaves are starting to turn, and you know what that means; dinner parties, holidays, and family visits. With summer vacations out of the way and children back in school, it's the perfect time to refresh and refurbish the interior decor. Before heading to your closest department store, however, give some thought to your decor materials and methods. Are you choosing nontoxic materials and sustainable alternatives?

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Natural Dental Care: Age Old Methods for a Healthy Smile

Oral health care retail products rake in almost $10 billion a year, and it's easy to see why. No one wants to lose their precious teeth! It may seem confusing then, to learn that some indigenous cultures that implement no modern dental products have better overall dental health than those of us in the developed world. What is their secret?

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Hay Fever got you Down? Try this Anti-Allergy Power Combo of Supplements!

The flowers are sprouting; the birds are singing; and pollen is in the air. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, spring may not be a welcome time of year. If pharmaceutical anti-histamines and allergy medications put your head in a fog, you may want to try a combination of all-natural supplements that fight allergy symptoms without fogging the brain or clogging the liver.

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How to Reap the Many Benefits of the Clove

Cloves are an ancient remedy that caught on early - very early. The earliest recorded evidence of cloves being used for medicinal purposes goes back to 1721 BC in biblical Syria. Those primitive healers did not need modern science to recognize one of nature's most potent herbs; cloves naturally exhibit anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. This combination of attributes make it a powerful and diverse curative.

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