The Saga Continues

The health of marine life and residents in large areas of the Gulf of Mexico continues to decline from the on-going toxic contamination of BP's oil blowout disaster. As reported earlier, the poisonous dispersant used causes genetic mutations. With millions of gallons now in Gulf waters, fishermen are commonly catching shrimp with no eyes and, sadly, a new photo was posted yesterday of a dead baby dolphin with no eyes washed up on the beach.

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Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatrists are trying to sell, as “mental faculty enhancements,” the same drugs that cause suicides and homicides (as a result of what they call “mental side effects"). As is evident from the article in Nature Magazine, they are trying to sell these toxins to healthy people. I suppose they aren’t making enough money off of sick people.

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A Review of Hoodia Gordonii for Weight Loss

Why write a review of Hoodia Gordonii now? It’s not new news, it’s been around a few years. But while that statement is true, so is this one. I am sitting at my laptop writing this review between bites of my big Toblerone bar because I am past my weight issues. And that is, in some measure, thanks to Hoodia.

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