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Calcium in supplements or dairy products

Supplementing 101: Calcium May Be Detrimental Without the Right Mineral Balance

Especially for women, our mothers and their mothers before them instructed us to take calcium supplements for bone health, reproductive health, and health in general. But are your calcium supplements being absorbed properly? If not, they may be more detrimental than beneficial. The key is balance.

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Vegetables and Fruits

Why Calorie Counting is Bad for Your Health

Calorie counting is probably the worst possible system that exists for maintaining weight or good health. Why?

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Yes, You Eat, but Are You Receiving Enough Nutrients from Your Food?

Maintaining a healthy diet is the most important thing you can do to contribute to a long and healthy life. If you’ve got that base covered, your health should reflect it. However, that broccoli and spinach must be broken down into nutrients and absorbed by the body before they can be used. How can you […]

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The Stress Regulator You Never Knew Existed

Ideally, a healthy and full life would remain relatively stress-free. Unfortunately for many of us, the rigors of work and daily life amount to chronic stress and fatigue – a combination that can prove disastrous to your health. If you feel the burden of stress weighing down your mind and body, there may be a […]

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A Long-Lived Tree that Helps People Live Well, Longer

There is a tree that lives for over 1,000 years. It’s antioxidant-rich leaves have been discovered to improve memory retention and slow the effects of dementia, especially in aged patients. These are only the beginning of the benefits offered by this tree.

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This Exotic Fruit Could Be the Answer to your Digestion Woes

Like so many bodily processes, our digestion can deteriorate over time, making it more difficult to process certain foods. If your digestion seems more sluggish and clogged than it used to be, a simple fruit enzyme may be all you need to smooth it out.

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Hay Fever got you Down? Try this Anti-Allergy Power Combo of Supplements!

The flowers are sprouting; the birds are singing; and pollen is in the air. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, spring may not be a welcome time of year. If pharmaceutical anti-histamines and allergy medications put your head in a fog, you may want to try a combination of all-natural supplements that fight […]

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All-Natural Secrets to Enhance Muscle and Strength Building

Weight-lifters and athletes are notorious for using various supplements to enhance muscle mass and strength training, but are these methods safe and effective? The answer depends on the nature of the supplements and how they are made.

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