The health of marine life and residents in large areas of the Gulf of Mexico continues to decline from the on-going toxic contamination of BP’s oil blowout disaster. As reported earlier, the poisonous dispersant used causes genetic mutations. With millions of gallons now in Gulf waters, fishermen are commonly catching shrimp with no eyes and, sadly, a new photo was posted yesterday of a dead baby dolphin with no eyes washed up on the beach.

But the truth is finally starting to come out! The Gulf Rescue Alliance (GRA) has just forwarded information to Congress they received from Geo Hazards expert BK Lim and other advisors. Several new and startling revelations are conclusively proven, including that, with current technologies, it is impossible to cap the well, and oil is still leaking badly. This data is corroborated by the large amounts of fresh oil that continue to wash up along the Gulf coast, and which can be seen from aerial flyovers in the same areas. Photos taken yesterday by Dahr Jamaal, a diligent reporter from Al Jazeera will be published shortly. Several web sites and journalists have picked up on BK Lim’s document and are now beginning to spread the word in earnest.

Fresh Corexit Foam

TEO staff is working as a coordinated team to enlighten Congress, the public, and other decision makers on the solutions to this situation. With cutting edge enzyme technology, even the on-going seeping oil can be contained within a small geographical area until the mechanical means can be found to plug the holes.

But, for some unexplained reason, the EPA continues to resist authorizing this technology, which is already EPA-approved for oil spill cleanup. Why the EPA persists in purposefully holding the disaster in place is a mystery. That they are doing so, is not.

TEO is utilizing all means possible – scientific, legal, investigative, media – to break down the EPA’s barriers and we are making headway. The marine life and the people of the Gulf urgently need your help, right now, to continue our work. Please, open your heart and become a member, increase your membership, or make a donation! With your help, we can turn this around.


Barbara Wiseman

The Earth Organization