How to Fight Depression with Good Nutrition

Depression can often be linked to a weakness in the brain or other components of the nervous system. Instead of sticking a potentially-harmful band-aid on the problem (like psychiatric drugs), holistic practitioners encourage depressed patients to first look at their overall health, diet, and lifestyle. More and more studies are showing that nutritional deficiencies could play a large role in preventing depression.

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Anti-Stress Herbs: Guarana

Cultivated and harvested deep in the Amazon rain forests, guarana is the primary ingredient in many favorite soft drinks of Brazil. Like many other adaptogens, the plant has been consumed for its therapeutic properties in South America for centuries. Once again, the indigenous shamans of the Amazonian wilds had the right idea; guarana is in fact a powerful natural stimulant and restorative tonic.

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Anti-Stress Herbs: Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an ancient herbal remedy that has been popular in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Then, it was often called "the fountain of life" and was reputed to cultivate long life and wellness. While there is no evidence that the herb can make you live longer, it has been shown to exhibit anti-aging properties and promote mental health.

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Psychiatric Medications

Psychiatrists are trying to sell, as “mental faculty enhancements,” the same drugs that cause suicides and homicides (as a result of what they call “mental side effects"). As is evident from the article in Nature Magazine, they are trying to sell these toxins to healthy people. I suppose they aren’t making enough money off of sick people.

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