Why write a review of Hoodia Gordonii now?  It’s not new news, it’s been around a few years.  But while that statement is true, so is this one.  I am sitting at my laptop writing this review between bites of my big Toblerone bar because I am past my weight issues.  And that is, in some measure, thanks to Hoodia.  More specifically, the Desert Burn brand.

I don’t know how much weight I lost in total, because I didn’t do one of those motivational “lose weight now” programs with calorie-precise meals and shakes for breakfast, lunch and dessert.  I had my own motivation which came because of a “reborn” passion for motor sport, namely motorcycle racing.

Every ripple and curve of a lardy gut is ruthlessly exposed in a tight fitting one-piece leather race suit. The first time I went looking for a suit I was told that I would have to get a ridiculously expensive tailored suit because – surprise surprise – they didn’t have an off the peg in my size.

That was it for me. Down to the nearest gym.

I quickly started enjoying training in a gym, lucky me.  This was great.  I was losing a lot of weight, right up until I hit a barrier. I reached that last tire around my belly. It was like I had swallowed my bike’s rear tire. I was running for an hour and a half 4 times a week but that tire was just bouncing along with me.

It was diet. I couldn’t believe it was diet because I am a vegetarian and always have been. I lived on carbos:  Cheese, pasta, fries, bread and lots of sugar. My eating habits were out of control.  My taste buds were in control. The power of those little spots on my tongue was out of proportion to their size.

The hardest part of weight loss for me was knife and fork control.  I would run all day as long as I could have that chocolate muffin after.  It was hopeless.

This is where Hoodia came in.

I hate taking drugs of any kind.  My wife has had to resort to threats to get me to take a paracetamol, and it would have to be really bad before I would cave.

Then one day, my mother of all the people, called me because she’s heard about this cactus from South Africa that has been used by desert hunting tribes men, to keep hunger at bay on long hunts.

It took about a week before I noticed it working.  I was forgetting to eat!  I had to remind myself to eat. But I was able too eat smaller portions and felt full.

The best bit was that I could say no to chocolate, sweets pastries, bubble gum, pies, cakes, and on and on.  I even stopped taking sugar in my tea or coffee.

The rear tire gave up the fight.  I got my self down to 69 kilos my dream weight.

End of the war, I win.

After I stopped taking Hoodia, I was very much in control of the situation.  Hoodia taught me how to control my taste buds.  I can say no, if I notice I am putting on weight again. It has given me back a power of choice.

About the Author: Trained as a photographer and artist, Steven de Koenigswarter developed a keen interest in health due to a personal crisis. With a new desire to do something meaningful to promote healthy living, he researched and developed a new line of natural products, to boost the immune system, and build up resistance against currently rampant and violent strains of bacteria and viruses. With his Health Factory he has provided healthy natural products for thousands. An avid sportsman and motorcycle racer himself, Steven is an example of his own products’ success. To learn more about Steven and his products, visit his website, The Health Factory, and The Health Factory Blog.