By Steven de Koenigswarter

A medical journal called Nature Magazine has stated, basically, that “psychiatric medications should be prescribed to healthy people.”

Sometimes the things that Mike Adams (of the Natural News Network) publishes seem borderline tabloid, as they are so fantastic.

However, when I read this article in Nature I could see how far the American medical system has decayed, into just another uncaring industry (at the very least). And so I must thank Mike Adams, because it was his review of this article that alerted and provoked me into writing this post.

The gist of it is that psychiatrists are trying to sell, as “mental faculty enhancements,” the same drugs that cause suicides and homicides (as a result of what they call “mental side effects”). As is evident from the article in Nature Magazine, they are trying to sell these toxins to healthy people. I suppose they aren’t making enough money off of sick people.

If the authors of this article get their way, the American people would effectively become paying lab rats.

There were so many shocking aspects of the article in Nature Magazine, and it was presented in such a smooth manner that the most outrageous ideas were made to appear quite acceptable. I almost came away from that article thinking to myself, “Yeah, what’s wrong with increasing my mental abilities?” It didn’t last long. A few key words woke me up: “Columbine,” “Kids on Luvox” and “Zoloft” killing other kids.

To put this in perspective, I have been looking at the history of psychiatric drugs and the history of serial killings. There are some very curious parallels. There is a history of related murders that goes back almost as far as there is a history. You will also find the existence of serial killers going almost that far back as well. The shear volume of serial killings exploded in the 1950’s, and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Also beginning in the 1950s was the broad use of psychiatric drugs to “restore mental health”, or to at least “limit aberrant behavior.” This came about because a number new classes of pharmacological agents were discovered, notably tranquilizers (e.g., chlorpromazine, reserpine, etc.) The rapid growth of these drugs in psychiatric use in the 50’s has led to a radical change in the fabrics of our societies. Children, no matter how disturbed, don’t go on killing sprees unless their mental state is further unbalanced by psychotropic drugs and antidepressants.

The levels of funding for psychiatry, and psychiatric drugs in use, will be parallel lines to the numbers of serial killings, on any historical graph.

Let me make my point more clearly.

If you look back just before modern times, you will find that the insanity in society was somewhat “limited to the village idiot.” The term “serial killer” did not exist.

I found a very interesting site/index. It lists out crimes committed, and what drug the perpetrator was on. Here is just a small sample:

1) School shooting in South Carolina, October 1995: 15 year old teenager on Zoloft shoots two teachers, killing one. Then kills himself.

2) School shooting Pennsylvania, March 2001: 14 year old girl on Paxil (Seroxat) shoots and wounds classmate.

3) School shooting Minnesota, March 2005: 10 dead, 7 wounded. The killer was on Prozac, of which the dosage was increased one week before the rampage.

4) School shooting Illinois, February 2008: 6 dead, 15 wounded. The killer was in withdrawal from Prozac.

Check SSRI Stories for some very depressing reading.

There are numerous precedents where “insanity due to the use of psychiatric drugs” plea has been used successfully in the courts – which means that the courts, in fact, recognize that these drugs cause psychotic, homicidal and suicidal behavior.

Unfortunately the people of Nature Magazine ignored all this, and promote “the responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy.”  (Maybe that’s because they are selling the stuff (two of the authors are on Pharma’s payroll).

Feel free to write to authors of that article and tell them what you think. The very last thing this society needs are more school killers created by psychosis-inducing drugs.

About the Author: Trained as a photographer and artist, Steven de Koenigswarter developed a keen interest in health due to a personal crisis. With a new desire to do something meaningful to promote healthy living, he researched and developed a new line of natural products, to boost the immune system, and build up resistance against currently rampant and violent strains of bacteria and viruses. With his Health Factory he has provided healthy natural products for thousands. An avid sportsman and motorcycle racer himself, Steven is an example of his own products’ success. To learn more about Steven and his products, visit his website, The Health Factory, and The Health Factory Blog.