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“It’s going to kill a lot of us”, says the media. The CDC is keeping a very close eye on Australia and the southern hemisphere, because of course it is now winter time there.

As usual, this bug will attack the weakest among us; the very old, the very young, the vaccinated.

I have two small children. two and three years old.  They have never experienced the pin-prick of an injection.  The doctors are constantly trying to stick a crafty injection into one or more of my kids, and they have to be forcefully told to stick their syringe somewhere else!  You might think that I should be terrified that my children won’t survive any impending pandemic?  Not at all.  I sleep very well at night, and when I wake up I give my kids some vitamins and 10 or 20 ml of Colloidal Silver.  I do this a few times a week, and more if somebody gets sick – which is not very often, I am happy to say.

I had my faith in Colloidal Silver tested to the limit a few years ago.  My wife was pregnant, and one night at about 10 pm, she started to feel really sick.  Then she started to feel scarily sick, so we rushed to the hospital thinking something was wrong with the baby.  We thought right.  The baby had died, but it wasn’t coming out.  I guess it must have started to decompose, because it had turned into a bacteria factory.  My wife looked really really bad.  The doctors were prepping big injections and drips full of antibiotics.  My wife was slipping in and out of consciousness.  She was very frightened, and so was I.  I asked her if she wanted the antibiotics or if she was going to stick to our guns and go with the Colloidal Silver.  She wanted the antibiotics.  The doctors were pushing it hard.

We are all so preconditioned to listen to what ever these white-coated pharmaceutical sales reps say, that when you are stressed out and worrying about the life of a loved one or your own life, questioning these guys just doesn’t come into the picture! My faith was shaken by my wife and these doctors.  They had an attitude of “this isn’t the time for playing at natural healing, this is life or death so sign the documents and get out of the way so we can pump the drugs in”.

I very nearly caved at this point, clutching at the last available straw; I asked the nearest white coat, “Do you know what Colloidal Silver is?” The doctor did not know what it was, he only knew about antibiotics, so he knew nothing! That reloaded my gun! I told my wife, and I guess she could see my renewed faith. This was what convinced her that Colloidal Silver was what was going to save her – and not the antibiotics.

It gave me one of the most satisfying moments of my life, when 24 hours later my wife walked out of the hospital unaided, and away from a near-death experience.  Slack-jawed doctors all asked about what this product was, and it gave me great pleasure to tell them what it was, and that I made it!

My wife and I, needless to say, will never use antibiotics again.

It really surprised me just how much influence the media has over our decision making.  If you would have told me in advance that I would be making a life or death decision with my wife, and the choice would be between antibiotics and Colloidal Silver, I would have said it was a no-brainer.  When actually faced with the situation it was one of the toughest calls I’ve had to make.  That really doesn’t make sense to me.  I know Colloidal Silver works, and I know antibiotics don’t! I’ve seen C.S. help 100’s of people and not one person has ever turned blue/grey – not from my product.  Why would I have such fear and doubt at the moment of truth?

The insidious influence of the media is why.  You can’t open a magazine or paper, or turn on a T.V., with out seeing the reassuring adverts of our “efficient hospitals”, our wonderful medical system, and all the drugs used to treat the problems that other drugs created.

I would love to see a comparison between medical doctors and homeopathic doctors which showed which group gets sued more.  I know where I’d place my bet.  My wife’s brother had a baby a few months ago.  Her brother is a well-educated fellow who knows a thing or two about vitamins and Colloidal Silver.  But my wife was shocked when he said he had just come back from vaccinating his son!

I guess when he looked at his darkest fears, the media won.  I don’t live in the USA anymore.  The media is strong here where I live, but not quite as strong as it is in the good’ ol U.S. of A.

Buy Colloidal Silver; just make sure it’s not stronger then 20-PPM.  15 is best.  Buy vitamins.  Get a lot of them, for your family’s sake and your own. I don’t know if the Mexican Flu is government/Illuminati scare-mongering, or if they really intend to sacrifice millions of us on the alter of whatever gods/demons they worship.  But, whatever the case, I am ready, and I hope you are too.


Source Article: Will Mexican Flu Kill You This Winter?

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