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A scenario of drug dealers selling vitamins could become the norm soon, because of a set of “guidelines” used by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to resolve disputes.

These Guidelines are called the Codex Alimentarius (Food Cleanliness Codes). Because the WTO will use these guidelines to resolve disputes, countries which don’t accept the Codex, and make it law, will be penalized in international trade disputes for non compliance!

As most countries are either members of the WTO, or are trying to become members, this is one way of forcing the world to undemocratically submit to rules that will destroy the health of populations – but make billions in profit for the pharmaceutical cartel (which is of course owned by the world richest families, who are already trillionaires).

The section of the Codex that deals with nutritional supplements changes the classification of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, and anything else necessary to sustain good health, from being foods, to being drugs. In other words, they would be controlled and regulated, and our access to these – essential ingredients for life – would only be via prescription from a doctor.

Why would the WTO do this? For the same reason that most things happen: money.

If you are taking nutritional supplements you are very unlikely to need or want drugs.  That’s a real good reason for the pharma cartel to find a way to stop you from getting your vits.

On both sides of the Atlantic, we are voting politicians into office who are voting for Codex Alimentarius.  That means that we are voting people into office who will stop us from getting the essential nutrients we need for life.  I don’t know about you, but when I get sick I reach for Colloidal Silver and very high dose Vitamin C.  This is how I would handle most illnesses, from the Mexican flu to the common cold.  In fact, as far as I’m concerned, anything viral or bacterial can be handled in this way.

These politicians are making it so that I would not be able to give my children anything close to a meaningful dose of vitamins in a health crisis – the likes of which will be upon us in a few short months.  Even the terrestrial media is predicting the outbreak of Mexican flu pandemic this winter.  Oh, and guess what? Roche has already made billions on pre-sales, of the symptom-suppressing Tamiflu – which heals nothing.

Did you know that Under Codex Alimentarius, any quantity of a vitamin larger than the RDA is considered potentially toxic and is illegal to sell? This, despite the fact that for decades many people have taken 100 times the RDA of Vitamin C (10 grams per day), even when they have been healthy – and a lot more if they’ve had a virus.

Food manufacturers want a very low RDA so they can say that their food contains 100% of the required amount of Vitamin C (and other vitamins), even though this is a lie. The pharma cartel wants to stop people from preventing and curing colds, flus, and other viral diseases with Vitamin C, so they can make billions of dollars every year selling cold and flu drugs that give only symptomatic relief – as Roche just did with Tamiflu. And they give no assurance that these will have any effect against Mexican flu!.

The aims of Codex Alimentarius are clearly defined: Statements on the curative effects of vitamins and other natural remedies will be banned and made a punishable offense. In the future, the distinction between a foodstuff and a medicine will be made by the pharma cartel itself, and not by governments. In other words, the pharma cartel will have the power to say vitamin C is a drug and can only be sold with a perscription!

Using this new legislative edict, the pharmaceutical industry will extend its own markets as it sees fit.

At present, the pharmaceutical industry in Germany has succeeded in classifying 500 milligrams of vitamin C, in pill form, as a medication requiring a prescription. If the pharmaceutical industry had its way, smaller amounts of vitamin C will be classified in the same manner.

The strategic aims of “Codex Alimentarius:

  1. The distribution of health information concerning vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other natural products for the prevention and treatment of diseases will be banned globally.
  2. The sale of vitamins and other natural products which exceed the guidelines of this Codex commission (which are arbitrary and far too low) will be prohibited globally.
  3. Countries that fail to apply these laws will be punished by international economic sanctions.

What to do? First of all, go out and buy a kilo of the best vitamin C powder you can find (powder is cheaper, and has no fillers like tablets do). Get a liter at least of Colloidal Silver (not more then 15-20 PPM).

Then ask your local politician if he/she will vote against The Codex.

Source Article:  Drug Dealers Selling Vitamins

About the Author: Trained as a photographer and artist, Steven de Koenigswarter developed a keen interest in health due to a personal crisis. With a new desire to do something meaningful to promote healthy living, he researched and developed a new line of natural products, to boost the immune system, and build up resistance against currently rampant and violent strains of bacteria and viruses. With his Health Factory he has provided healthy natural products for thousands. An avid sportsman and motorcycle racer himself, Steven is an example of his own products’ success. To learn more about Steven and his products, visit his website, The Health Factory, and The Health Factory Blog.