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Nature’s Secret Mood-Booster and Sleep Enhancer

A certain amino acid can boost your mood, reduce overeating, and improve sleep patterns, all at the same time!

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6 Steps to Prevent Cold and Flu Viruses

If half the people you know are down with the flu, you’re probably next. Although it’s always important to take preventative measure against illness, this is the time of year that viruses spread easily and quickly from one family to the next. Be prepared to fortify your body against its invisible enemies with these six […]

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Skin Aging Faster Than You’d Like? This May Be Why.

Skin aging has been linked to varied factors such as sunlight, smoking, and exposure to free radicals. It would appear, however, that all of these factors have one common denominator.

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Can’t Sleep? These Causes of Insomnia May Surprise You

Sleep can be a fickle mistress. No matter how tired you feel, sometimes sleep continues to elude you for hours into the night. There are several common causes for insomnia and related sleep problems that you might not suspect.

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Has Your Child Carried Parasites into the Home?

It happens to the best of us. Parents work tirelessly to keep a clean and healthy home, only to discover that parasites have come home with their child; a particular type of vermin that is contagious.

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Cold Season is Almost Upon Us! Here’s the Immunity Boost You’ve Been Looking For

There’s no magic pill that will eradicate the sniffles and sneezes this flu season, but there is an herb that may help your body fight off viruses and recover more quickly. This particular flower has been used for centuries to boost the immune system and naturally fend off viruses and bacteria.

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Need a Brain Boost? Meet Nature’s Secret Weapon Against Stress and Fatigue

Stress does a number on the human body. At first, the emotional and physiological responses to stress can be a good thing, boosting one’s energy and focus for the task at hand. Chronic stress, however, has a range of dangerous effects that can lead to illness and disease. One of your body’s natural soothers is […]

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Can You Guess Which Secret Ingredient the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Uses for Holistic Healing Practices?

The elite team of physicians, researchers, and caregivers at the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) recently added a secret weapon to their autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular treatment protocols. If you guessed Double Helix Water, you win! GARM’s global experts have tested and acknowledged the transformative therapeutic aspects of stable water clusters.

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