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Anti-Stress Herbs: Ginseng

Ginseng is a favorite ingredient in many health foods and beverages; you’ve probably seen it recently in your energy drinks and smoothies. The question is, does it really work, and why?

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Anti-Stress Herbs: Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an ancient herbal remedy that has been popular in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Then, it was often called “the fountain of life” and was reputed to cultivate long life and wellness. While there is no evidence that the herb can make you live longer, it has been shown […]

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Anti-Stress Herbs: Yerba Mate

Another favorite of South American culture, yerba mate grows throughout Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil. The term yerba is actually the Spanish word for “herb,” so the herb is often simply referred to as “mate.” It’s astounding composition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids make it one of the most nutritious plants in the […]

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Anti-Stress Herbs: Maca Root

Native to the high Andes Mountains throughout Peru and Bolivia, Maca root has been used by local herbalists for centuries to treat various conditions from anemia to depression, infertility, and fatigue. Once again, ancient herbal knowledge has revealed a remarkably effective remedy that has been largely forgotten in modern medicine. The adaptogen has been shown […]

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The Anti-Stress Herbs

All of your daily experiences create chemical reactions in the brain that trigger the release of thousands of peptides, hormones, and metabolic particles. These molecules travel throughout the body and attempt to enact an appropriate response in the body. When stress occurs, whether it be physical or emotional, that response usually causes a rise in […]

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Which Types of Plastic Food Storage are Toxic?

Not all plastic containers can be used as food storage. There are various types of plastics and you need to know what plastic food storage is considered toxic.

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Uses and Benefits of Seaweeds

There are thousands of different species of seaweed that grow in saltwater, both cultivated and wild. Seaweeds are classified as Brown, Green, or Red – colors that do not necessarily have any correlation with the plants’ physical appearance. Below are some of the most popular seaweeds on the market today.

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NOW Foods Multi-Purpose Oils and Natural Products

NOW Foods has several multi-purpose oils for health-conscious people looking for high-quality, affordable, and natural products. NOW products never contain harsh chemicals or other synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the body. Thus, these products can be a safer source of cosmetics, extracts, carrier oils, essential oils, and other supplements. Below are some examples […]

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