Need a Brain Boost? Meet Nature’s Secret Weapon Against Stress and Fatigue

Stress does a number on the human body. At first, the emotional and physiological responses to stress can be a good thing, boosting one's energy and focus for the task at hand. Chronic stress, however, has a range of dangerous effects that can lead to illness and disease. One of your body's natural soothers is a particular amino acid, and in times of stress and fatigue, it's absolutely vital that you're producing enough of it.

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Enhancing Sexual Health through the Amino Acid, Arginine

Amino acids are responsible for a vast array of functions and biological processes within the human body, but each one excels in different areas. The amino acid arginine, for example, has become a leading natural treatment for sexual dysfunction.

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Do You Need More of the Amino Acid Ornithine?

Amino acids are the building blocks of the enzymes and proteins that help complete almost every major and minor function within the human body. In other words, they are critical to your health. Ornithine is one of twenty amino acid your body uses and is particularly useful for digestion and detoxification processes.

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N-Acetyl Cysteine: The Body-Builder’s Best Friend

While some so-called body-building supplements that are based on artificial chemicals or protein powders may prove less than effective (or even harmful!), there are natural options that are both safe and powerful. N-acetyl cysteine, for instance, is a naturally-occurring amino acid that can reduce fatigue and decrease muscle damage during intense workouts.

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Amino Acid Supplements for Healthy Living, Part Three

Although these compounds are called "non-essential" amino acids, it does not mean that they're not essential to your health and well-being. The term just refers to the fact that your body can produce these amino acids on its own. However, when faced with advanced age, high levels of stress, or inadequate nutrition, your body may not be able to produce sufficient levels of these compounds.

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