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Although these compounds are called “non-essential” amino acids, it does not mean that they’re not essential to your health and well-being. The term just refers to the fact that your body can produce these amino acids on its own. However, when faced with advanced age, high levels of stress, or inadequate nutrition, your body may not be able to produce sufficient levels of these compounds. It can never hurt to reinforce your diet with all-natural supplements of amino acids if you’re not certain. Here are some non-essential amino acids that may require supplementation:


Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and so plays a role in the prevention of aging and age-related diseases. It is also a critical component in the body’s detoxification process.

Aspartic Acid

Aspartic acid plays a major role in the energy cycle of your body and is necessary for brain and neural health and for stamina. It has been used as a treatment for conditions such as chronic fatigue and depression.


Alanine helps your body convert the simple sugar called glucose into the energy you need, while eliminating excess toxins from your liver. Some studies have also shown that it may help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is the condition in which the prostate enlarges.


Asparagine is widely known for the role it plays in the central nervous system. The compound helps to increase resistance to fatigue, thus improving athletic stamina.

Glutamic acid

This amino acid functions as a neurotransmitter increasing the firing of neurons in the human central nervous system. As a result, it can enhance clarity of thinking, mental alertness, and mood.

How to Supplement

If you are not certain that you’re receiving all of these vital amino acids in your diet, supplementing is easy. This Amino Acid Advanced Liquid Formula by T.J. Clark, for example, contains many of the essential and non-essential amino acids described above. It also contains a healthy dose of all-natural minerals to boot.

Additionally, feel free to browse the various amino acid supplements available in the Living Clean store, or read more about the nutrients your body needs for health and well-being:

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