Weight-lifters and athletes are notorious for using various supplements to enhance muscle mass and strength training, but are these methods safe and effective? The answer depends on the nature of the supplements and how they are made.

Muscle and strength training


While steroids and other testosterone-boosting drugs have proven detrimental to health, natural supplements like creatine can enhance performance safely and effectively.

Creatine is a chemical that is naturally produced in the body during muscle metabolism. It is used by the body to produce energy in the muscles during exercise. In other words, increasing the presence of creatine in your muscles can temporarily increase their strength and endurance during a workout. This makes for more intense workout potential and the ability to build more muscle mass over time. The only problem is that not all creatine supplements can be fully absorbed and used by the body. One new formula for creatine, called the Kre-Alkalyn Complex, has been shown to remain stable during digestion, allowing the body to absorb it more completely.

Amino Acids

Amino acids make up the proteins that build, maintain, and replace body tissues, including the build-up of muscles. These organic compounds improve both energy and formation of muscles, making them an essential part of your workout diet. When choosing an amino-acid supplement, however, it is important to look for an all-natural delivery system that will carry the amino acids to your muscles when you need them – right after your workout. Taking the right supplement after exercise or weight-lifting could significantly improve muscle growth.

Other Key Ingredients

A few other ingredients to look for in your workout-enhancing supplements include:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid, which has been shown to efficiently move nutrients to the muscle cells.
  • Vanadyl Sulfate works like insulin to help drive more carbohydrates and amino acids from the bloodstream into muscle and liver tissue. Vanadyl Sulfate may help increase muscle and liver glycogen stores, resulting in harder, denser muscles, increased strength, and higher energy levels.

Where to Find Them

Take care when choosing a supplement to enhance your weight-lifting and strength-training regimen. Additives and fillers can decrease absorption and effectiveness, so look for an all-natural choice. For creatine, we suggest Pumped Extreme by Truly Huge Supplements, which includes the Kre-Alkalyn Complex for maximum absorption. For amino acids, Nitrobol is a great choice for its specific amino acid composition and quick delivery system.

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