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Three Types of Roof Garden

Roof gardens are built for both their aesthetic and their functional values. A roof garden can provide temperature control, architectural enhancement, hydrological benefits, and of course food. It can also serve as a habitat for wildlife.

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White Roofs?

You may have heard something about “white roofs” in the news, but you may not know how they can help our planet, or a maintenance budget. Most all of the commercial buildings in the world use black roofs. Because they are black, they soak up the sun’s energy like a sponge.

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Greenhouse Kits

Establishing and utilizing a home greenhouse is an excellent way to save money on groceries, follow a healthier and more nutritious diet, conserve on energy, and help the environment at the same time. But greenhouses don’t grow on trees – they have to be built. Not all of us have a professional builder in the […]

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Pets and Poisonous Plants

There are numerous plant species that are poisonous plants to cats and/or dogs, as well as toxic to other pets. The results might be anything from a little tummy-ache to diarrhea to death.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe has hundreds of uses including the ability to ease the pain of burns (including sunburn) and insect bites, and to speed the healing process. The polysaccharides in aloe are responsible for stimulating skin repair and growth.  In addition to the external skin, it aids all the mucous membranes inside the body. It is one […]

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Aromatherapy books

Over the years, even during the modern era of aromatherapy extending from the 1920s when Gattefosse wrote his first definitive text, there have been hundreds of books written on the subject of aromatherapy. The level of writing ranges from scholarly tomes with detailed chemical analysis of compounds to write-ups of scientific research about the measurement […]

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Aromatherapy treatment

An aromatherapy treatment is one in which the aromatherapists uses the essential oils from plants in order to treat specific conditions. Essential oils are extracted from plants generally using steam distillation, but occasionally other extraction methods. Essential oils are different than the substances used by herbalogists in that herbal remedies concentrate the entire plant while […]

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Aromatherapy guide

Even though the growth in the knowledge and use of aromatherapy has been explosive over the past few years, an aromatherapy guide written by one of the first modern day aromatherapy practitioners is still widely read today, more than 70 years after its original publication. Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy was written in 1937, translated from the original […]

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