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The Saga Continues

The health of marine life and residents in large areas of the Gulf of Mexico continues to decline from the on-going toxic contamination of BP’s oil blowout disaster. As reported earlier, the poisonous dispersant used causes genetic mutations. With millions of gallons now in Gulf waters, fishermen are commonly catching shrimp with no eyes and, […]

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CFL Bulbs – Not Such a Bright Idea

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain 5 milligrams of mercury in each bulb; that may not sound like a lot. But how many of those do you have in your home? And how many homes are in America? It adds up!

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3 Super-foods That Purify And Alkalize Your Body While You Sleep!

You chemistry teacher was right! Sinking a tooth in a glass of cola destroys the poor tooth in no time. Step by step, the tooth softens, breaks up and completely dissolves. Acid-forming foods and drinks cause similar damage if theyre not neutralised by our pH-regulating systems. The problem starts when we overburden our bodies with […]

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3 Advantages of Hybrid Cars Over Conventional Cars

Because of rising fuel costs and the environmental damage caused by an excess of carbon dioxide emissions, car owners are looking for alternatives. Oil prices continue to rise and its supply continues to dwindle. This is one reason why some people are interested on owning a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are becoming more and more […]

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Seven Reasons for Buying a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are the talk of the talk these days. They are featured every day in some major newspaper or on a television network. Car manufacturers are churning out new hybrid models every so often, and people are lining up to get their hands on one.

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The Benefits Of Switching To Solar

This is to give a brief overview of the benefits of switching to a solar power system for your home.  Some people are uncertain of whether or not they should make this move, and whether it will be viable and worthwhile for them.  There is certainly an investment of time or money or both involved, […]

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Spicy Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween

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DIY Heliostat Sun Tracker Solar Power Fresnel Lens

HELIOSTAT SUN TRACKER SOLAR POWER FRESNEL LENS GREEN ENERGY This is our first attempt at a useable Heliostat for our Fresnel Lenses. In future videos I will have all the information for a DIY system using very easy to find materials. We are developing a controller that is simple to program and can control any […]

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