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11 Strength-Building Exercises Using Bodyweight Alone

“I would work out more, but I can never find the time.” Does this phrase sound familiar? The bad news is, it’s true. Modern society does not promote a healthy lifestyle or provide the average person with all the time they need to exercise, sleep well, socialize, and relax. The good news is, if you […]

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Do You Need More of the Amino Acid Ornithine?

Amino acids are the building blocks of the enzymes and proteins that help complete almost every major and minor function within the human body. In other words, they are critical to your health. Ornithine is one of twenty amino acid your body uses and is particularly useful for digestion and detoxification processes.

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Home Remedies for Exercise Injuries

Here are some tips on home remedies for injuries you might have while exercising or playing sports.

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Treating Your Plantar Fasciitis

Here are some tips for home treatment of plantar fasciitis, an exercise injury to the bottom of the foot.

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Acne alternative treatments

Western drugs may give quick relief to the acne sufferer but they are not without side effects. Alternative or complementary medicine for the treatment of acne possesses similar therapeutic properties as those found in Western medicine, while having much less potential for dangerous side effects. Alternative medicine can be used either as an alternative to […]

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Causes of Acne

Today, as we open the newspapers or magazines, we find advertisements promoting various types of creams and ointments for various skin conditions. Many who try these colorful and over-promoted products have ended up with side effects more costly to deal with than what they paid for the ‘miracle cure’! In this same vein, individuals affected […]

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Cayenne is used both as medicine and food. There are different varieties of cayenne peppers, and they all contain capsaicin in different amounts. Capsaicin gives the peppers a hot and spicy taste, by switching on the same nerve ending that switches on when you’re feeling heat greater than 110 degrees F.  As a medicine, it […]

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Vegetarian and Low Calorie Recipes: Warnings and Advice

If you are looking for low calorie and vegetarian recipes, you probably have some interest in maintaining your health (or someone else’s health). You might want to feel better, have more energy, look younger, lose weight, or just have a better conscience regarding what is going inside your stomach. But at the same time, there […]

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