Western drugs may give quick relief to the acne sufferer but they are not without side effects. Alternative or complementary medicine for the treatment of acne possesses similar therapeutic properties as those found in Western medicine, while having much less potential for dangerous side effects. Alternative medicine can be used either as an alternative to the pharmaceutical or western drugs or as a supportive measure in the treatment of the disorder.

There are a number of acne alternative or contemporary treatments that have anti inflammatory properties. There are alternative medicines which kill or stop the acne producing bacteria P. acnes. One of the best examples of this alternative antibiotic is the tea tree oil. When used correctly, it is a safe and effective substitute for benzoyl peroxide. Others of the topical alternative medicines like Alpha Lipoic acid, Green Tea Extract, and Chamomile are well known and effective anti inflammatory agents.

By making sure to consume foods rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, as found in salmon, you can produce natural anti inflammatory antibiotics within the body.

Managing your stress condition can also effectively treat acne. Both emotional and physical stress is very harmful. They encourage the production of the hormone adrenaline. The hormone androgens coupled with adrenaline will influence the oil production and build up in the sebaceous follicles. An individual who is subject to either physical or emotional stress for prolonged periods is a good candidate for acne. Hence stress management is another acne alternative treatment.

Regular and effective exercise is an important part of an individual’s life to keep acne and other ailments at bay. The exercise should be some type of reasonable work out, preferably at a level to be called aerobic. Not to say that it must be rigorous but it should be some form which will make you sweat reasonably, clearing the pores while relieving you from stress.

Relaxation is also another important alternative treatment for acne. Every human being needs periodic relaxation. Reading of books seated comfortably can also be a type of relaxation. Merely gazing at the sea or an ornamental fish tank helps you to relax.

One cannot say that managing stress, relaxing and eating Omega 3 rich food is a guaranteed way to prevent or treat acne. But, these are sure contributory factors that can prevent and treat not only acne but all types of ailments on a long term basis.