Cultivated and harvested deep in the Amazon rain forests, guarana is the primary ingredient in many favorite soft drinks of Brazil. Like many other adaptogens, the plant has been consumed for its therapeutic properties in South America for centuries. Once again, the indigenous shamans of the Amazonian wilds had the right idea; guarana is in fact a powerful natural stimulant and restorative tonic.

GuaranaA Mental and Physical Stimulant

Although the term ‘stimulant’ may sometimes carry a negative connotation, guarana stimulates the mind and body in a balanced and healthy way. A combination of caffeine, tannins, saponins, and flavonol promote energy and awareness, without the jittery, nervous effects that are sometimes brought on by coffee or artificial energy drinks. These phytochemicals work together to stimulate the brain and central nervous system, resulting in a surge of energy that comes on gently and lasts for hours.

While guarana is said to increase physical endurance, it has been shown to improve mental clarity and memory in several studies. One clinical trial published by the Journal of Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior revealed significant improvements in memory retention and attention span after a group of 28 young, healthy participants consumed guarana extracts.

Surprisingly, the same qualities that trigger the mind can also help with stress. Guarana’s adaptogenic effect on the brain can elevate your mood while reducing feelings of anxiety and depression at the same time.

Nutritional Content

In addition to energy-boosting phytochemicals, guarana is packed with nutrients. The Amazonian vine and its fruits contain healthy doses of:

This unique combination of protein, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and tannins produces a host of healthy benefits, such as:

  • Naturally thinning the blood and helping to clear blood clots
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Analgesic elements helping with mild aches and pains
  • Antioxidants fighting the signs of aging
  • Reducing appetite and promoting weight loss

Additional Information

This popular energy-enhancer can be found in many forms, from capsules to liquid extracts. We recommend trying it in a blended herbal tea, such as Shakti Chai Powerboost by Golden Lotus Botanicals. Browse all of our energy-fortifying chai teas, or read more about anti-stress herbs:

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