If Air Pollution Makes You Feel Powerless, There May Be a Way to Protect Yourself

Sprawling cities like Los Angeles and Dallas are notorious for high levels of smog, but even towns like Tulsa, OK and Denver, CO are becoming dangerously polluted. While many of us try to reduce our carbon footprint by taking a bicycle to work or recycling, sometimes the rising danger of air pollution and toxins leaves us feeling powerless to protect ourselves. However, there is research to suggest that ingesting certain nutrients can help to fortify your body against air-borne threats.

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A New and Powerful Way to Boost Your Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, EPA, and DHA) are vitally important to your health and can only be obtained through your diet. Unfortunately, research shows that most people are not consuming nearly enough of the foods containing them, such as ocean vegetables and salmon. For this reason, you may have heard of many people taking fish oil supplements. Now, there's a much more powerful supplemental source - krill oil!

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5 Reasons to Increase Your Daily Intake of Vitamin C

Many of us rush out to buy Vitamin C supplements as soon as we feel a cold coming on, but research suggests that the common dietary supplement could have many more benefits than a temporary immunity boost. Here are ten reasons two uptake your daily intake of the vitamin for the long term.

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Could Grape Seed Extract Lengthen Your Life?

Grapes are one of those miracle foods that have been valued for their nutritional and curative benefits for over 5,000 years. Indeed, the revitalizing, healing qualities of the grape have been proclaimed in ancient Egyptian writings, Greek philosophy, and ancient Roman myths. Despite their apparent lack of “modern” science and technology, these ancient writers were not wrong. The skins and seeds of grapes are packed with a range of essential vitamins and minerals; in fact, grape seed extract has a few unique nutrients that are difficult to find elsewhere.

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