When choosing aromatherapy massage oils the carrier oils are equally as important as the essential oils. While the essential oils provide the neural stimulation to the body, the combination of the deep muscle work with shiatsu pressure points and the rhythmic movement of the therapist’s hands also relax and soothe muscles. The carrier oil must allow slip and must be slow to absorb into the skin to provide for time to complete the massage, yet shouldn’t leave the client feeling greasy. Popular examples of carrier or base oils are jojoba, grape seed and sweet almond.

Almond oil is effortlessly absorbed by the skin, it is very silky, has little to no aroma of its own, is long lasting and as a bonus, it contains some amounts of vitamin D. Almond massage oil is particularly helpful for brittle nails, dry skin and hair

Jojoba oil is popular as massage oil because its composition mimics the skin’s natural oils. It is not heavy oil, it’s a rich source of vitamin E for skin health and it can also help to reduce symptoms of acne, dry scalp and dandruff.

Grape seed oil is particularly good in aromatherapy massage oils when the skin is oily. It is both light and inexpensive.

Peach kernel Oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins A and E; it helps to eliminate free radicals from damaging your skin and it’s also a light feeling oil.

Some of the popular aromatherapy massage oils which have been used successfully in the past include:

A home recipe called “Peace and Love” oil includes three drops of patchouli and three drops of sandalwood in one ounce of base oil.

A calming yet regenerating massage oil called Aphrodesia is a commercial product with the Indonesian ylang ylang, mandarin red and geranium rose in a base of sunflower, hazelnut and organic sesame oils. Since this product dilution is ten to fifteen percent rather than the more common one to two percent, you can extend it even further, and at one to three mixtures still have a more effective product than most of its competitors.

Circulation and Joints aromatherapy massage oils is also a commercial product which has been blended using cypress and juniper in a base of sunflower, hazelnut and organic sesame oils to provide elimination of toxins in the tissues and joints, to increase poor circulation and to decrease water retention and joint pain.