Many of us rush out to buy Vitamin C supplements as soon as we feel a cold coming on, but research suggests that the common dietary supplement could have many more benefits than a temporary immunity boost. Here are five reasons to increase your daily intake of the vitamin for the long term:

Fruits containing Vitamin C1. Reduce your chances of contracting infections and cold or flu viruses.

Once you start feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu, your body has already been exposed to the virus for several days and your immune system is already trying to fight it off. In most cases, boosting your intake of Vitamin C after the onset of symptoms is too little, too late; it probably won’t have much effect, since the virus has already taken hold. On the other hand, if you have been taking in higher levels of the vitamin on a daily basis, over a long period of time, you decrease the likelihood of catching colds, flus, and infections in the first place. That’s because Vitamin C increases antimicrobial and white blood cell activity over time. With higher levels, your body will be more equipped to kill bacteria and viruses before they can do damage.

2. Improve your cardiovascular health and blood pressure levels.

Many cardiovascular problems can be attributed to blood vessels that have been compromised by plaque buildup and inflammation. Vitamin C can improve these conditions simultaneously by helping reduce inflammation, increase blood vessel elasticity, and prevent plaque buildup in arteries. All of these benefits together add up to lower levels of inflammation, lower blood pressure, and better cardiovascular health over time.

3. Maintain good eye health and eyesight for years to come.

Clinical studies show enormous benefits to eye health from prolonged supplementation of Vitamin C. One study demonstrated that taking C supplements for ten years decreased the risk of developing cataracts by 64%. Another study sponsored by the National Eye Institute showed that macular degeneration, which contributes to sight loss in old age, was slowed by 25% in individuals who were taking high levels of Vitamin C.

4. Help to prevent or impede diseases like cancer.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it can improve the health of your body’s cells while also neutralizing damaging free radicals. Because of these benefits and its role in supporting the immune system, the vitamin is believed to prevent the development of a wide variety of cancers. Studies have shown that patients with high levels of Vitamin C in their bloodstreams have less risk of developing cancer than those with low levels. Moreover, patients in the advanced stages of cancer have been shown to live 3 – 4 times longer when given high doses of this antioxidant on a daily basis.

5. Improve the performance of other supplements and nutrients.

Since Vitamin C can increase absorption of other vitamins and minerals, like iron, it can improve your levels of some important nutrients. It also works together with minerals like MSM to increase your body’s performance of vital tasks like cell division and collagen synthesis.

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You can increase your intake of Vitamin C in many ways. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is always encouraged, but you can also take a daily supplement. Living Clean offers Vitamin C supplements. To see our full line of dietary supplements, browse our store.  You can also read more about how vitamins and minerals are essential to your health and well-being:

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