Is Organic Really Better?

Is organically grown food really healthier for you than conventionally grown produce? The debate has been raging on since the 1950s as to whether or not organically grown produce is actually better for you than crops from the larger, pesticide using farms. The truth is, while some may say that the jury is still out, that would only be the official one. Most of the studies done over the last few decades have been either swayed by funding or just poorly conducted, calling most of the results into question. So while the “official” results may say there is no difference in health and quality, if you go through and eliminate invalid studies, the answer you will find will be completely different. And its a matter of simple logic.

The fact is, organic food is actually safer for you and contains more nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

Organic Foods Have More Nutrients

Studies have shown that, on average, organically grown produce contains higher levels of many key nutrients, including vitamin C, trace minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients. Data compiled by the USDA over the last 70 years shows a significant decline in the levels of minerals that can be found in conventionally grown produce, meat, and dairy.

When you take into account the fact that modern conventional methods push these foods to grow faster and produce more (using overpowered fertilizers and steroids) as well as the fact of earlier harvesting when the produce is not yet ripe, it should come as no surprise that our food contains less nutrition than it did 70 years ago.

In addition, studies have shown that, pound for pound, over-fertilized (i.e. most) produce contains a higher percentage of water than organic produce does. This means less vitamins. It also makes sense that phytonutrients, most of which make up the plant’s immune system, are at higher levels in organic produce because the plants have to develop their own defenses against diseases which are not killed by pesticides and chemicals.

Fewer Pesticides in Your Body

No one denies that conventionally grown foods do have a certain amount of pesticides still on them, when they reach our shelves. While the FDA has set “safe” levels for these chemicals to be in your system, it should be obvious that we would be better off not eating them in the first place.

Because organic foods are grown without the use of chemicals, you can be sure you are not ingesting anything nasty! Recent studies have actually linked several symptoms such as fatigue, trembling, impaired brain function, headaches, digestive problems, and skin disorders (just to name a few) with the consumption of pesticides in your food.

Research in Belgium has actually shown that women with breast cancer are up to nine times likelier than women without breast cancer, to have hexachlorobenzene or DDT (pesticides used on food) in their bodies. Research in Hawaii has been making connections to consumption of conventionally grown (pesticide laden) fruit and fruit juice, to the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Organic Food Does Make You Healthier

Study after study has found the same results: when you give people (particularly kids) a completely organic diet for an extended period of time, they become healthier. The people who eat organic foods as part of these studies tend to heal faster, get sick less, have more energy, and even have healthier teeth! This should actually come as no surprise when you think about it- when your body has to spend less energy processing all the toxins you put into it (through eating non-organic, chemical laden food) it has more energy to spare for doing what it is supposed to do — keeping you healthy, attractive, energetic, and alive.