Betaine Hydrochloride, 350 Mg, 100 Capsules


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– A digestive acid created by the body for the digestion of fats and proteins in the stomach.*
– As we age, less is made by the body, but we can supplement.*
– Manufactured under strict protocols of purity

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HCl is hydrochloric acid, a digestive acid created by the body for the digestion of fats and proteins in the stomach. With age, the natural production of HCl gradually decreases.*

Betaine hydrochloride (HCl) is an acidic form of betaine, a vitamin-like substance found in grains and other foods and recommended as a supplemental source of hydrochloric acid for people who have a deficiency of stomach acid (hypochlorhydria).*

A healthy stomach contains enough hydrochloric acid to maintain a pH between 1 and 2 (extremely acid). Incompletely digested food fragments result from too little HCl. This may hamper the normal growth of bacterial flora in the intestines. As we get older, stomach acid secretions tend to decrease, and we may experience poor digestion and poor absorption of nutrients.*

Pepsin and HCl work together to break your food down, so healthcare professionals often recommend you take pepsin at the same time as HCl.*

Dr. Clark Research Association Purity Testing

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Adults and children 12 or more years of age: 1 or 2 capsules daily with a meal, or as directed.


Betaine hydrochloride, gelatin (capsule), rice flour



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