The flowers are sprouting; the birds are singing; and pollen is in the air. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, spring may not be a welcome time of year. When pharmaceutical anti-histamines and allergy medications put your head in a fog, you may want to try a combination of all-natural supplements that fight allergy symptoms without fogging the brain or clogging the liver.

rose hips for allergy relief

Combating Allergies the Natural Way

Allergies occur when your immune system mistakes a normally-harmless substance for a dangerous invader. The immune system then produces antibodies that remain on the alert for that particular allergen. When you’re exposed to the allergen again, these antibodies can release a number of immune system chemicals, including histamine, that cause allergy symptoms. Over-the-counter allergy medications are not the only solution however; the following all-natural supplements can provide similar relief without detrimental side effects:

  • Vitamin C – A natural antihistamine, Vitamin C works by destroying the molecular structure of histamine, thereby decreasing the amount of histamine in the blood. This antioxidant can also help relieve asthma symptoms.
  • Rose hips – Not only are rose hips an incredibly rich source of Vitamin C (more than citrus fruits!), they are also natural sources of  proanthocyanidins (phytochemicals that inhibit histamine-producing enzymes and can thus help ease allergy symptoms) and bioflavonoids – which inhibit the breakdown of Vitamin C in the body.

Related Benefits

Of course, it’s no secret that Vitamin C and other antioxidants in rose hips are beneficial to the body. Here are a few of the benefits provided by this supplement power combo:
  • Immune system support
  • Relief from some cold and flu symptoms
  • Improved healing of superficial cuts and bruises
  • Digestion support
  • Improved detoxification of blood and intestines
  • Faster relief from diarrhea and bladder infections
  • Prevention of joint diseases and arthritis
  • Improved skin and hair health
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