Here’s The Fragrant Boost Your Overworked Skin Has Been Waiting For

Your skin fights one of the most courageous battles of any organ in your body. Constantly bombarded by air pollutants, toxins, weather, and sun, it’s no wonder that the skin is one of the first indicators of age and decline. While you may not be able to remove all skin-damaging factors from your environment, you can assist it with products that help soothe, restore, and self-heal.

Double Helix Water for Optimal Healing

Your skin cells are equipped with their own self-healing mechanisms to fight against external damage, but over time these processes may be slowed and stopped by toxins and pathogens. Double Helix Water is formulated from pure, solid particles of water that have been shown to improve bodily functions on a cellular level. By applying it directly to your skin, you can help each cells optimize its own self-healing process, while reducing pain and inflammation at the same time.

natural rose oils for skinCombining New Science with Ancient Remedies

Double Helix Water may be a relatively new discovery, but when combined with ancient skin remedies, it can have an even more powerful impact. Double Helix Rose Water Facial Spray Mist brings Double Helix Water together with natural rose oils for an altogether refreshing and soothing skin experience. A few of the benefits you may expect from the topical use of rose extracts include:

  • Improved strength and regeneration of skin cells by the antioxidants in roses, including Vitamin C
  • Cleansing of pores and expelling of toxins from the skin, due to the mild antiseptic properties of the rose
  • Restoration of a healthy pH balance in the skin
  • Better retention of skin moisture
  • The calming, mood-boosting effects of aromatic rose scent

Try Double Helix Rose Water Facial Spray Mist and feel the difference as your skin begins to heal and restore itself. You can also give your entire body the Double Helix Water treatment by drinking it. Enjoy it both ways with the Double Helix Water Premium Package, which includes:

Find out more about these life-changing products in the Double Helix Water Knowledge Base.

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