GARM FacilitiesThe elite team of physicians, researchers, and caregivers at the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) recently added a secret weapon to their autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular treatment protocols. If you guessed Double Helix Water, you win! GARM’s global experts have tested and acknowledged the transformative therapeutic aspects of stable water clusters.

“Double Helix Water is a unique product that contains stable water clusters. Stable water clusters are very important factors to wellness and treatment of various disease states for several reasons; The top two are:

1) Stable water clusters carry more oxygen, allowing for greater oxygen delivery to the cells – remember that hypoxic environments are associated with the inflammation that underlies virtually every chronic disease state;

2) Additional science behind stable water clusters demonstrates increased IgM levels – suggesting a boost in the immune system’s viability and therefore, immunocompetence.”

– G.A.R.M. (Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine)

About GARM

The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine was formed in 2013 with the goal of providing safe and effective elective treatment and/or management options for patients diagnosed with select chronic disease states and/or acute injuries in a restorative resort environment.

The GARM Clinic offers integrative medical treatments utilizing a combination of elective services such as adult autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular medicine treatments, general medical care, basic diagnostic tests, integrative medicine services, wellness services, as well as reboot/detox programs and weight loss programs that focus on treating the entire patient, not just the disease state.

Why Choose Double Helix Water

GARM’s holistic, whole-body approach to healthcare is the perfect environment to apply alternative techniques like Double Helix Water. While many pharmaceutical-based treatments target specific symptoms, treatment with stable water clusters is an integrative technique that targets the wellness of the body as a whole. Because of its holistic properties, Double Helix Water can be used to improve the unpleasant effects of many health conditions, such as:

Not everyone has the time and resources to enjoy a resort-style treatment facility like the GARM clinic in Honduras, but alternative remedies like Double Helix Water are accessible to everyone. Browse Double Helix Water products in the Living Clean Store, or read more about its astounding restorative effects:

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