Western medicine has made many valuable advancements; one can’t deny that synthetic insulin and other pharmaceutical treatments may sometimes be necessary to control type 1 diabetes. However, for the less severe cases in type 2 diabetes, or for patients that suffer from the side effects of diabetic drugs, Eastern medicine can reduce diabetes symptoms along with the need for pharmaceuticals. Effective techniques are found in acupuncture, Double Helix Water, and herbal therapy.

Diabetes patientA Different Approach

Western medicine approaches diabetes with a single goal in mind – to reduce blood sugar levels. While this does decrease the symptoms of the disease, it does so unnaturally, throwing off other bodily processes and causing a wide range of negative side effects.

Eastern medicine, on the other hand, treats the body as a unit, addressing disease by improving the balance and wellness of the entire body.

According to Eastern theory, all living things subsist on qi, or life energy. This energy (identified in some scientific circles as bioelectromagnetic energy) flows through meridian pathways, connecting major organs and body parts. When your flow of qi is damaged or unbalanced, your health suffers.

Eastern medicine implements remedies like acupuncture and Double Helix Water (stable water clusters) to improve the flow of qi and overall wellness of the body. This approach has been shown to lower blood sugar levels as well as other symptoms of diabetic patients.

Lessening Diabetes Symptoms through Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture, herbal remedies, and Double Helix Water can help to improve the following conditions accompanying diabetes:

  • High glucose levels
  • Impaired pancreas function
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive urination

A study in Dubai tested standard type 2 diabetes-prescribed drugs against Eastern remedies. While 91% of participants using prescribed drugs reported some improvement of symptoms, 91% of that group also complained of serious side effects, such as kidney malfunction.

Of the participants that were treated with Eastern medicine, 71% showed marked improvement of symptoms and none of them suffered from ill side effects.

Double Helix Water

Like acupuncture, Double Helix Water is also theorized to improve the flow of qi.  While qi has been speculated to consist of bioelectromagnetic energy, stable water clusters have been shown to exhibit electromagnetic properties. Factors such as magnetic polarity and an electric charge are the reasons behind the theory that the meridian system is actually constructed of stable water clusters. This would explain their therapeutic effect on diabetic patients.

Diabetic thermal image

Figure 1

Patient after drinking Double Helix Water

Figure 2

One way to illuminate this hypothesis is through the use of thermal imagery. Figure 1, to the left, was taken of a diabetic patient. The white hot and red spots are high-temperature areas that correlate to specific acupoints along the stomach meridian. Higher temperatures often indicate unhealthy conditions.

Figure 2, to the right, was taken thirty minutes after the patient drank Double Helix Water. You can see how it soothed and improved the condition of the stomach meridian, reducing temperatures to healthier levels. Acupuncture results in a similar display in thermal images.

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If you’ve been suffering from the severe side effects of diabetes medication, try using Eastern medicine techniques to improve your symptoms and reduce the need for drugs. Find Double Helix Water and other natural remedies at the Living Clean store, or read more about meridian theory:

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