Each year, the number of children diagnosed with autism increases by 10%. It is difficult to determine why this disorder continues to affect more people over time, but the medical community is compelled to find safe treatments for affected children and their families. In the United States, autism is often treated by a combination of behavioral therapy and pharmaceuticals, with mixed results. What many parents don’t realize is that there are natural, holistic treatments that are proving more effective in clinical studies; for example, acupuncture and Double Helix Water (stable water clusters).

Autism AwarenessClinical Trials

There have been over seventeen clinical trials performed to test the effectiveness of holistic remedies on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Within these studies, different applications and techniques were used, testing physical and cognitive symptoms of the disorder.

One medical journal, the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal (eCAM), compiled a comparative report on all of these studies combined. What they found was telling: Holistic remedies proved 30% more effective on average than standard behavioral therapy. You can review a complete sited summary of these studies on the eCAM website.

Meridian Theory and Autism

Autism is classified as a neurodevelopment disorder that manifests itself with many varied symptoms, ranging from cognitive to gastrointestinal in nature. While Western science has a difficult time explaining why a so-called mental disorder would affect the immunity and digestive systems, Eastern medicine has a theory.

According to Eastern theory, meridians are pathways by which qi, or life energy, travels through the body. These pathways are associated with different organs and parts of the body, allowing energy to flow from the brain and organs to the outermost extremities. When the flow of qi is disrupted or blocked, health complications arise.

Infrared Imaging

Meridians can sometimes be identified using infrared imaging. When certain organs are in distress, the meridians associated with them will glow hot under infrared cameras, indicating inflammation, infection, or some other unhealthy condition. When autistic patients are photographed with an infrared lens, certain temperature patterns emerge that are consistent with meridian pathways.

In one study published by Acupuncture Today, eleven autistic patients were photographed with infrared cameras. Researchers found that in 80% of the infrared images, unusually hot temperatures were found along the gallbladder meridian, the small intestine meridian, and the San Jiao hand meridian. Since each of these meridians runs from the head or brain to major digestive organs or body parts, it would help to explain the connection between cognitive and physical ASD symptoms.

Holistic Treatments

Practitioners of Eastern medicine have approached ASD with many holistic techniques, but the two most effective treatments from a clinical standpoint are acupuncture and stable water clusters.


Since the meridians that are most affected by autism meet in areas of the brain and the head, acupuncturists treat it by stimulating acupoints throughout the neck, face, scalp, and tongue. The effects have been documented in many clinical trials, all of which show a significant long-term improvement in ASD symptoms. When tested against traditional Western practices, such as behavior therapy, acupuncture proves 30% more effective.

Stable Water Clusters

Stable water clusters share many of the physical properties exhibited by the meridian network, such as an electrical charge and magnetic polarity. After years of study, researchers at D&Y Labs have concluded that the meridians are constructed from long strands of stable water clusters. This would explain why drinking DHW has such a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Infrared image of autism patient

Figure 1

Autism patient after drinking Double Helix Water

Figure 2

Its effects on autistic patients can be seen in the infrared images published in Acupuncture Today. Observe Figure 1, to the left, in which the gallbladder meridian runs from the forehead, to the ear, and down through the neck. The locations of the hottest white and red spots are consistent with specific acupoints.  Figure 2, to the right, was taken thirty minutes after the patient had consumed stable water clusters. Notice significant cooling within the face and neck, with no hot white spots remaining, as well as a shift to the healthier cooler temperatures throughout.

Long-Term Effects

Researchers recorded body temperatures and thermal images of autistic patients as they regularly consumed stable water clusters over a twelve-week period. Average body temperatures and inflammatory conditions continued to decrease as time went on, indicating that the treatment had ongoing positive results over time.

Parents also filled out evaluation forms at regular intervals throughout the study to measure behavioral changes. Eight out of the eleven patients exhibited improved communication, academic, and social interactions as a result of the treatment.

Moving Forward

One of the most fortunate aspects of holistic treatment is that it is totally natural with no negative side effects. Instead of suppressing symptoms, like many pharmaceutical medications, Eastern techniques treat the overall wellness of the mind and body. Acupuncture and stable water clusters can be used in combination with behavioral or dietary treatments, with no risk of ill effects. In fact, studies show that holistic approaches can be even more effective when combined with behavioral therapy.

If someone you know suffers from ASD, show them the incredible results of holistic treatment. You can find Double Helix Water at Living Clean, or learn more about Eastern medicine:

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