Over 250 million people in the US take anti-depressant medication and the drugs increase the likelihood of suicide or psychotic episodes in certain patients. As more violent and self-destructive acts are being linked to psychotropic drugs, patients and doctors alike are searching for healthier alternatives. The problem is that Western medicine doesn’t acknowledge holistic remedies, such as acupuncture or Double Helix Water, that have been effectively treating depression and emotional disorders for thousands of years.

Storm cloudsHow Does it Work?

According to meridian theory, the human body’s life energy, known as qi, connects all disparate parts through a system of pathways called meridians. Not only do the meridians link body parts and organs, but they are also connected with your emotional state. Emotional as well as physical problems reflect a disruption in the flow of qi.

Chinese medicine focuses on improving and balancing the flow of qi. In acupuncture, for instance, stimulating acupoints along a meridian pathway is supposed to promote the flow of qi in respect to the body parts, organs, and emotional aspects associated with that meridian.

Lung Meridian

Figure 1

One way to demonstrate the association between meridian channels and emotional disorders is through the use of infrared technology. Figure 1 is a thermal image of a grieving woman in her 50s. The hot red and white areas along her shoulders follow the path of the Lung channel, the meridian associated with grief, with the hottest white spots corresponding to major acupoints.


That’s the theory behind the treatment, but anyone with a Western mindset often asks, “Where’s the proof?” Fortunately, recent research has provided us with encouraging results.

In 2011, the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine performed a clinical trial on fifty-three subjects that were diagnosed with major depressive disorder. The patients received twelve 30-minute sessions of acupuncture over an 8-week period. On average, the patients improved by about 40% on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS).

Double Helix Water

Another study, published in Acupuncture Today, used infrared imaging to measure the effect on emotional disorders of Double Helix Water, also known as stable water clusters. Since Double Helix Water shares many of the same physical and electrical properties as the meridians, it is theorized that its consumption can improve the flow of qi, thereby improving the disruptions in qi that accompany emotional disturbances.

Lung Meridian

Figure 2

Patient after drinking Double Helix Water

Figure 3

In Figure 2, you see the same thermal image of the grieving woman that was shown in Figure 1. After drinking Double Helix Water, her image was recorded again, and you can see the difference. Figure 3 shows a decrease in the hottest white and red temperatures. If she were to continue drinking stable water clusters over time, the temperatures along the Lung (grief) meridian would continue to decrease to healthier greens and blues, indicating an improved flow of qi and healthier emotional conditions. Similar changes in temperature along meridian channels have been recorded after acupuncture treatments.

Moving Forward

As time goes on, more patients under the influence of long-term psychiatric drugs are exhibiting dangerous and sometimes violent side effects. It’s time that Western medicine dedicates more time and energy to the holistic remedies that have been used by Eastern cultures since ancient times. If the same energy and investment were dedicated to Eastern medicinal practices as are currently used for pharmaceutical research, holistic medicine would become more readily available to the masses. Imagine how the health and well-being of depressed patients could improve without the damaging side effects of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

If you’ve used anti-depressant medications and find them ineffective, or if you’d like to avoid the dangerous side effects of long-term use, try a holistic approach. Many Eastern treatments, such as acupuncture and stable water clusters, can be combined with no risk of side effects. Find a wide variety of natural health remedies in the Living Clean store, or learn more about meridian theory:

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