If you ask a conventional Western doctor what causes migraines, he will probably run down a long list of vague possibilities  The truth is, there are few clear causes for chronic headaches according to Western medicine. Practitioners of Eastern medicine, however, will tell you that chronic headaches are caused by a disruption in your flow of qi, or life energy. Scientific studies on meridian theory suggest that they’re not far off.

Migraine headacheChronic Headache Symptoms

Although it is rare to pin down a clear, exact trigger for chronic headaches, they are technically caused by an enlargement of the temporal artery on the outside of the skull, which is associated with the release of inflammatory chemicals in the area.

The initial pain is created by the inflammation and enlargement of blood vessels, but as the headache continues, the sympathetic nervous symptom responds with nausea, vomiting, and a sensitivity to light and sound. The result is a truly miserable and debilitating experience.

How Holistic Remedies Work

Many patients try treating the painful symptoms with harsh, liver-damaging drugs that may or may not work. However, some holistic methods are just as effective.


Acupuncture is widely recognized as an effective treatment for chronic headaches. The theory is that by inserting tiny needles into the meridian lines that are associated with the face and head, the flow of qi will improve and balance the overall health of the body.

One study published by the British Medical Journal split over 400 adults afflicted with chronic headaches into two groups – one received acupuncture treatment, and the other, standard medical care. After a year of treatment, the group that received acupuncture reported significantly fewer headaches, took 15% less medication, made 25% fewer visits to the doctor, and took 15% less sick days from work.

Double Helix Water

According to recent research, Double Helix Water (stable water clusters) is another way to improve the flow of qi. David L. Gann of D&Y Laboratories has been working with physicist Dr. Shui Lin Yo for over a decade to find out why.

They have found that stable water clusters are electrically charged and tend to organize themselves into long, polarized strands. These are the same properties that have been observed in studies of the meridian system. It has been concluded that these similarities are what give Double Helix Water its beneficial effect on meridian pathways and holistic wellness.

Migraine Patient

Figure 1

To measure the effectiveness of Double Helix Water on patients with chronic headaches, researchers often implement infrared imaging technology. In one case that was published in Acupuncture Today, the patient suffered from severe, debilitating headaches that he graded as ten on a ten-point scale. Healthcare practitioners were unable to determine the cause of the headaches and suggested that the condition might be fatal. A thermal image was taken of his head before treatment, and you can see in Figure 1, to the left, areas in his head and face that were glowing in hot red and bright white colors.


Patient after drinking Double Helix Water

Figure 2

After three weeks of drinking Double Helix Water, he was able to return to work and his pain had reduced from a ten to a four. A thermal image taken of his head after drinking stable water clusters is shown in Figure 2. By then, the high temperatures associated with inflammation and unhealthy conditions had cooled to healthier greens and yellows.

Additional Information

If you’re suffering from chronic migraines and want to avoid the toxic chemicals in pharmaceuticals, try taking a holistic approach, such as drinking Double Helix Water. Browse the Living Clean store for all-natural remedies and products, or learn more about Eastern medicinal theories:

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