The BMW Hydrogen 7 is a luxury car powered by a 12 cylinder internal combustion engine instead of the fuel cells used in other hydrogen cars. It is a 4-seater automobile based primarily on the BMW 760i sporting a few additional features such as Park Distance Control, mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle and Soft Close Automatic for the doors.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 runs on liquid hydrogen fuel instead of compressed hydrogen as is common place for fuel cell vehicles, generating 260 horse powers which enable it to reach top speeds of 143 miles per hour while running electronically and attain acceleration ranges of 0 – 60 mph in just 9.4 seconds.

Additionally, the BMW Hydrogen 7 is a dual-fuel vehicle which means it is capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline at the press of a button on the steering wheel. If either tank on the BMW Hydrogen 7 runs out of fuel the on-board controller automatically switches the vehicle to the other tank.

With the gasoline tank (16.3 gal) contributing 300 miles and the hydrogen tank (17.6 lb) contributing 125 miles, the BMW Hydrogen 7 has a cruising range of around 425 miles.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is a good way to enjoy luxury in an environmentally friendly way.