Ford developed eco-friendly driving technologies to teach drivers how to maximize their vehicles’ fuel efficiency. These are helpful, especially now, when the fuel prices are on the rise. These eco-friendly tools are easy to use and save time help drivers save money.

Since 2008, Ford has launched green driving technologies designed to inform the consumers about how to conserve fuel and curb their carbon footprint. The eco-friendly driving tools are available for various Ford vehicles. These are the MyFord Touch with EcoRoute, EcoMode, MyFord Mobile, and the SmartGauge with EcoGuide.

The Ford green vehicle tools coach the drivers to change their driving habits. Ford has a rewards system that motivates the consumers to incorporate eco-friendly driving behaviors. Some tips for maximizing the fuel efficiency include rolling up the windows when traveling more than 50 mph and keeping the vehicle well maintained. Ford vehicles are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and other safety features that not only make the car safer, but will increase the fuel savings as well.

The EcoMode uses real-time feedback to train the drivers about the art of eco-driving. This tool has a scoring and rewards system displayed on the instrument cluster. It’s like bringing a game into the streets. The program generates a driver operation scorecard by rating the driver on its fuel efficiency practices. Scores are based on a five leaf rating system, with five leaves being the top score.

MyFord Touch with EcoRoute gives the drivers real-time feedback on the car’s fuel efficiency and overall performance. EcoRoute is a navigation system that calculates the most fuel-efficient route.

SmartGauge with EcoGuide is only found in Ford hybrid vehicles. This tool trains hybrid car owners to practice fuel efficient driving through real-time feedback and rewards. The instrument cluster features a full-screen colored LCD screen that can be configured to display different data, which includes battery power, fuel level, and the average mile per gallon. SmartGauge with EcoGuide also shows leaves and vines that track driver efficiency. The more vines and leaves on the screen, the better the driving habits are.

MyFord Mobile is a mobile app exclusively for owners of Focus Electric. The app helps in trip planning to extend the range of the hybrid car. The Ford Electric is equipped with an instrument cluster similar to the SmartGauge with EcoGuide but instead of vines and leaves, it shows blue butterflies. The more butterflies that are displayed, the further the range and the more eco-friendly the driving is.