First off, a hybrid car is a car with two or more energy storage systems that can be used to provide propulsion power. There are various types of hybrid cars available on the market today, and this may cause a lot of confusion.

Presently, people are turning to hybrid cars to save on fuel costs. The average car buyer doesn’t know a thing about the differences between different hybrid car models. For them, fuel efficiency and performance are the only important details. However, there are three major types of hybrid cars that they should know about. These include the two mode hybrid system, petroleum fuel assist engine, and the electric assist engine.

Two Mode Hybrid System

The two mode hybrid system, otherwise known as the twin electric motor system, uses two electric motors for both low speed and high speed driving. The low speed mode is mostly used for urban driving. This can help drivers handle traffic jams. The high speed mode is used for highways, uphill, or towing. This enables the hybrid car to use its full power. The Chevrolet Tahoe is one of the vehicles in the market that contains this specific technology.

Petroleum Fuel Assist Engine

This type of hybrid car engine uses the electric motor during low speeds. When more power is needed, the gasoline motor will pitch in to help the electric engine. The hybrid car uses the electric motor during idle periods, going up to a certain speed. After that, the gasoline engine will automatically take over the operations.

The gasoline engine will also be used during hard acceleration situations. That way, the car will have maximum power. Both petroleum and electric engine work together when the hybrid car requires additional power.

The petroleum fuel assist engine is used on the Toyota Prius and the Ford Escape Hybrid. This type of hybrid car is ideal for city driving. It provides better mileage for the fuel than if being driven along the highway.

Electric Assist Engine

Lastly, there’s the electric assist engine. This type of hybrid car works the opposite of that of the petroleum fuel assist engine. The electric motor will kick in automatically when the gasoline engine needs more power, at times like uphill driving or during quick acceleration. This type of engine is more suitable for highway driving. Some of the hybrid car models that utilize this type of engine are the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda Insight.

As you can see, there are several types of hybrid cards. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is for certain: all of them are still greener and more fuel efficient than the typical car.