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Ten Great Uses for Pumpkins

During October, pumpkins are abundant. Sometimes, too abundant. And it’s not uncommon to see excess pumpkins cast aside or left to rot after Halloween, but there’s really no need to let the extras go to waste.

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Drug Dealers Selling Vitamins

A scenario of drug dealers selling vitamins could become the norm soon, because of a set of “guidelines” used by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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Will Mexican flu kill you this Winter?

“It’s going to kill a lot of us”, says the media. The CDC is keeping a very close eye on Australia and the southern hemisphere, because of course it is now winter time there.

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Ginger and Ginger Tea

One of my favorite drinks in the universe is Ginger Tea, particularly when mixed with Peppermint Tea. But there is a catch. It’s not just any Ginger Tea. I’ve tried Ginger Tea from normal health food or grocery stores, and it’s been horrific in comparison to what I am used to.

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