Our extensive research venture to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the molecular structure of water has resulted in what we have termed Double-Helix Water®. I encourage you to read our book, Double-Helix Water®: Has the 200-Year-Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved? It is the precise summation of our discovery of an unknown “phase” of water.

Now what is meant by “phase?”

We are all familiar with the liquid phase and ice, the solid phase, and steam, which is generated when one boils water. But we have discovered—due greatly to significant improvements in analytical laboratory equipment, such as the Atomic Force Microscope, and fifteen years of very persistent diligence—that a solid particle exists in pure water, and that particle is itself made of pure water.

Without going into great detail, which is thoroughly covered in the above book, I want to give here a brief description and explanation of this newly discovered phase we call Double Helix Water®.

First and foremost, it is water. There are no additives or added chemical compounds of any kind in that small blue bottle. In fact it is ultra-pure—many times cleaner and with fewer contaminates than the distilled water you purchase at your local food store.

It is not a drug or a curative agent (medicine) in any respect. We are not medical doctors and we want all to know that we make no representations that this water treats or cures anything, period. Our interest and our study has been, from the beginning, to simply develop a thorough understanding of the structure of water, strictly from a physics viewpoint.

But with that being said, have numerous MDs and scores of other healthcare professionals recommended this new phase of water to their clients, patients and family members for a healthy lifestyle? Absolutely. Healthcare professionals not only closely associated with our work in the U.S. but, quite literally, around the world have joined in to work with us and are jubilant about the potential of this discovery for the good of all. And the long line of researchers who have approached this subject with a sincere and open mind—be they scientists, MDs, chemists, biochemists, physicists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths or the like—have each felt compelled to help in some way. If one is a rational, sane individual and witnesses large numbers of people with many varied health problems experiencing remarkable changes in their wellness, something occurs deep inside oneself. It becomes more a crusade than a research line. And the people whose lives have been saved or changed greatly for the better want others to know what they think of this water—so the word spreads.

However, let’s all be careful about how we introduce this discovery to the world: Do not make claims, please! This water does not “cure” cancer, does not “cure” diabetesit does not cure anything. It is not a drug; it is not a medicine. It is simply water, and if you speak with Yin or myself or any of the other researchers, we will openly tell you that we have yet to uncover the exact mechanism of this water in the body. Now, each day we are working hard to learn more, and if you give us another few months or a year and allow us the opportunity to complete some of our health-related experiments, we should know a great deal more. But ask us about the physical characteristics of this water we call Double-Helix, and we have a ton of exact and well-founded information on that.

Nonetheless, a valid question arises: How, then, could it do something? What could be the difference between Double-Helix Water and so-called normal water or, say, distilled water?

Again, we believe that another phase of water exists; and we believe (and this has been the subject of our fifteen years of study) that there exists a state or phase that contains water molecules which have gone solid at room temperature; that the liquid phase under a particular set of circumstances can condense into tiny solid particles, and that these particles are in some way responsible for triggering the self-healing process. It is our belief that this phase of water is a central agent in the arsenal of the body’s immune response. And because of their structure and polar charge, we theorize that these particles are the molecular basis for what Chinese Medicine has suggested for over two thousand years: that an electrical matrix surrounds the body and this electrical matrix is the senior dominating factor in all health issues. This is evidenced by Electron and Atomic Force Microscope photographs, which demonstrate that these particles line up end to end to form circuit-like structures. Therefore it is very feasible that we have found a material basis for the Chinese meridians.

I had someone ask me a few weeks ago, with a somewhat impolite tone and attitude, “Well . . . Mr. Gann . . . how can you be so sure, and why has not some smart guy found it before you did?”

Yeah, those smart guys—there are sure a lot of them around. OK, regardless of the attitude, these are valid questions; but the “How can you be so sure?” is really what the book Double-Helix Water® is about. So I gave the person a copy of the book and said, “You should read this.” Whether he takes the time will be an indication of whether or not he is one of those “smart guys.” As to how that part of the question applied to me, I told him that I may not consider myself an Einstein, as my role has been more in the engineering part of the equation; but my research partner definitely fits in the true “smart guy” category. Read his résumé; it is in the book. His teacher received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008, and one of his dear friends (his college roommate, in fact, whom he competed with from high school throughout college) received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1998, and another classmate received the world’s top honor in mathematics. He was also invited back to China in 1979 by Chairman Deng, along with two other Nobel Prize winners, to create more physics research there. Prior to embarking with me on this water research, he had spent twenty or more years at the top research labs in the world pursuing his life’s career and love, particle physics. So, yes, I can say with confidence that he is a smart guy—no question; he can hold his own with any particle physicist in the world, and I have been very fortunate to have him as a research partner and close friend for many years.

But you really owe it to yourself to understand this subject, and the way to do that is to read the book. The first section has no scientific terms and it summarizes the complete track of the research, the difficulties we experienced along the way, and gives an overview of the valid, published scientific experiments, all explained in layman’s language. Now, the second section is pretty beefy, as it contains the complete published papers and experiments and is definitely aimed at scientists and engineers. But, bottom line, we are not trying to commercialize something or pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or do anything except offer this discovery to the world. We wrote the book to be completely out in the open. We want others to help; it is important to understand the molecule from which we believe life sprang.

We have been asked by many, many healthcare professionals to make the water available. It has been, up to now, only available to people who were involved with the research. But what has occurred is, simply by word of mouth, the news has spread and we have become overwhelmed with the requests. So we have hired a group that is helping us to make this water available to whoever wants it.

This is a good thing. Of course, water in general is such an essential to life; but this water—these little solid water particles contained in this blue bottle—we believe, is truly the essence of life.

Here’s to your health.

David L. Gann

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