We hear a lot of questions concerning the best delivery method for natural remedies. Which is better, a vitamin supplement or an herbal tincture? The truth is that the type of remedy you choose depends on your expected results. Both methods can be effective under different circumstances.

Herbs and PowdersTinctures

Tinctures are herbal extracts that implement alcohol or glycerin to draw out the components of a plant. Over a period of several weeks, the solution slowly absorbs active phytochemicals and properties held within the herb. This maintains and preserves its efficacy while simplifying its structure into a simple liquid form.

This delivery method is preferable when you wish to benefit from all of the innate qualities held within an herb, without consuming the entire raw plant. Here are a few examples of herbs that may prove most potent and effective in tincture form:

  • Echinacea – Also known as the coneflower, this herb has been shown to boost white blood cell counts and improve the general performance of the immune system.
  • Milk thistle– The unique composition of milk thistle has a healing effect on the liver, encouraging regeneration of damaged liver cells while helping it to expel toxins.
  • Gotu kola – This ancient Chinese herb can have a host of health benefits, such as improving memory and cognitive function, treating varicose veins, as well as helping wounds and scars to heal.

Vitamins and Supplements

Tablets and Capsules

Vitamin and mineral supplements are most often consumed as tablets or capsules. In most cases, the vitamin or mineral is dried and powdered, and then packed into a small, easy-to-swallow pill form. It is important to choose all-natural supplements since some companies use synthetic solvents to prepare them, which (being toxic) reduces their effectiveness. However, if the preparation process is completed with a natural and pure method, vitamin supplements can be very effective and beneficial.
This method of delivery is often preferable if the vitamin or mineral you need could break down or lose efficiency through a tincture or extraction technique. It also works well when a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs must be combined to create a multi-vitamin or multi-benefit supplement. A few examples of supplements that work well in capsule or tablet form include:
  • MSM – This natural chemical compound can improve your overall health on a cellular level, but would break down and be lost through a tincture extraction.
  • Multi-supplements – Oftentimes, supplements can prove most effective when combined with other vitamins and minerals, such a multi-vitamin or multi-mineral.
  • Multi-benefit supplements – If you wish to take a supplement that will combine the benefits of multiple herbs and neutraceuticals to perform a specific task – such as a digestive aid – you will probably need to take it in capsule form.

Liquid Supplements

Supplements are also available in liquid form. The advantage is a more absorbable delivery system. One of the most famous of the liquid supplements is TJ Clark’s Legendary Plant-Sourced Minerals.

Additional Resources

As you can see, tinctures, vitamins, and mineral supplements all have their place, but each can be beneficial to your health. You will find a variety of herbal tinctures from Golden Lotus Herbs, as well as all-natural vitamins and supplements, in the Living Clean store. To learn more about the benefits of health supplements, browse our blog:
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