T.J. Clark & Company is widely known for their Legendary Colloidal Minerals formula – a product so exclusive that T.J Clark & Co. owns its only original source. The story behind the product makes it truly special. Minerals

The Discovery of a Cure

The original T.J. Clark was a Utah rancher who fell gravely ill in the 1920s. Doctors could not diagnose or treat Clark’s mysterious illness, and his condition quickly worsened. The dying man turned to his Native American friends of the Paiute tribe, who led him to an ancient sacred spring, long-purported to possess healing powers. Clark drank from the spring and continued to drink the water over time, until his illness completed subsided. Forever afterward, Clark accredited the spring water with saving his life.

Harnessing Sacred Waters

After his miraculous recovery, T.J. Clark was inspired to learn the secrets of the Paiute’s sacred spring. He followed it through nooks and crannies of the sandstone cliffs above, where he found several deposits of strange ore and minerals. Through many months of research and with the help of several scientists, Clark ascertained that the ore deposits were actually the fossilized remains of a prehistoric rain forest – over 100 million years old! The spring was absorbing ancient elements and minerals as it passed through the deposits, and this is what gave the water its unique properties. Years later, Clark transformed the surrounding area into the T.J. Clark mine, where he mined the ancient ores and minerals. Using a specialized leaching process, he extracted the unique combination of minerals and elements from the sandstone fossils to create his Colloidal Minerals formula. The one-of-a-kind product soon gained immense popularity throughout the area for its healing properties, and remains so to this day.

Then and Now

T.J. Clark passed down his discovery and everything he had learned to his son and to his grandson, who still runs the company today. The labs and facilities that produce the Colloidal Minerals have continued to improve the process over time. Clark’s grandson, Tom Clark, is now researching the electrical properties of the distinctive mineral combination to understand its synergistic qualities. T.J. Clark’s Legendary Colloidal Minerals contains over 72 trace elements and minerals. Find out more in the Living Clean Store, or see other products by T.J Clark.

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