Announcing the arrival of the most potent and concentrated formulation of Double Helix Water® to date, in new easy-to-use dropper bottles.

This product is called concentrated because each of the new bottles contains 37% more Stable Water Clusters, more than a third more! So – however long each bottle of Double Helix Water® lasts you now – you can count on it lasting much longer.

Concentrated Double Helix Water Bottles

In addition, the manufacturer of Double Helix Water® has been listening to feedback from customers and has decided to change to a more user-friendly dropper mechanism in the new bottles. All you have to do is to take off the cap and then gently shake the bottle; individual drops of Double Helix Water® will drop into your glass, with little effort on your part.

Try the new concentrated formulation and experience how Double Helix Water® goes beyond hydration to help create a happier, healthier you. Buy the new Double Helix Water formulation here.