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Robin is a writer for LivingClean.com . Having worked for many years side-by-side with her husband, a designer-builder of handmade furniture and custom homes, she accumulated extensive experience communicating with the various people involved in those enterprises, and now applies those communication skills to writing about subjects related to living clean. She enjoys her family and pets, gardens, books, places to go, and the piano.
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Double Helix Cream

Double Discount on Double Helix Cream this Memorial Day Weekend!

Double Helix Cream is on sale at new reduced prices – for single jars, three packs, six packs, and twelve packs. But if that’s not enough, through Memorial Day 2015, you can also get 25% off the already-discounted price!

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale! 25% off Double Helix Water

Get 25% off Double Helix Water! Enter coupon code MEMDAY2015 at checkout. Offer expires Tuesday, May 26, 2015. To purchase, please visit this link and add as many bottles to your cart as you like.  

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William Tucker of D&Y Labs

The Aware Show: Interview on Double Helix Water

On September 4, 2014, The Aware Show broadcast an interview with William Tucker, vice-president of D & Y Labs, on his research into the subjects of water and stable water clusters.

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Video: Double Helix Water – How Does Your Body Heal Itself?

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association said the following in regards to this research breakthrough: “Your DNA is the exact record of your body fighting off every known infection, virus and predator in the history of Earth. It is as simple as that. Your body is the exact record of […]

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Double Helix Water ® – New Bottles and Higher Concentration

Announcing the arrival of the most potent and concentrated formulation of Double Helix Water® to date, in new easy-to-use dropper bottles. This product is called concentrated because each of the new bottles contains 37% more Stable Water Clusters, more than a third more! So – however long each bottle of Double Helix Water® lasts you […]

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What is in Double Helix Water® Face & Eye Cream?

By far the most important ingredient in Double Helix Water® Face & Eye Cream is the Double Helix Water® ! The cream itself is specially formulated for the skin of the eyes and face and may be used on normal, dry, combination, or mature skin. It is ideal for softening skin and wrinkles, moisturizing, stimulating […]

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